iPhone/iPod Touch App: Warcraft Characters

September 3, 2008

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch and are an Avid WoWer, listen up!

For all you “Humans” who don’t spend all your time glued to Azeroth, Outlands, or Northrend here is a fun little WoW related App. Time for you to check out this App out – it’s called “Warcraft Characters” and is available on the App Store now. It will pull character information off the Armory and display it in very iPhone friendly fashion so you can proudly show off your character to your friends and brag about your full set of T4 or that awesome staff you just got! (Or look up some noobs profile and laugh at their crappy blues!) You can also look at your stats, reputation, items, and arena team info, too.

Now you just have to remember to always log out in your best gear and not in some embarassing outfit.

Available for download now, or check out the developer’s website for more info.

❤ Kathoid

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