Of Beta servers and life…

September 10, 2008

This past weekend I hoped to sit down for some quality gaming time on the Wrath Beta servers; unfortunately the WoW Gods had other plans.

Due to some new Death Knight move or Storm Peaks or who knows what, the servers were spotty all weekend. It took me quiet a few days just to be able to log on long enough to respec after the last patch reset all my talent points. With all the new things in the feral talent tree, I had to respec 4 or 5 times just to get something that made sense to me for right now at lvl 73. Luckily on the beta servers respecs always cost just 1 copper, something I am very glad for at this point.

It seems as though the last patch brought yet again another reduction to the XP needed to level, even though I felt that it was okay before. At least this means an easier time for me to get to level 74 and finally I will be able to get to explore our great new capitol city of Dalaran. I hear they have a cake vendor. You know I just can’t wait for that.

And then in a few more levels I will be defrosting my wings and taking flight over Northrend. I can’t wait, but at the same time I have had a great time exploring what I have so far by foot – or, by paw and by hoof, as it were. I have been taking plenty of screenshots so far, but I plan to put them together in something a little more organized than just a sloppy late-at-night blog posting.

So for the night I will leave you with a picture of a new little critter who I bumped into whilst exploring. He was quiet a lively little guy.

Now if life would just cooperate for a little while and leave me some time to play some WoW… well, that would make me really happy.

❤ Kathoid

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