Patch 3.0.2

October 16, 2008

Blizzard was very, very smart releasing the “Echoes of Doom” (Patch 3.0.2) pre Wrath. It was exactly what I needed to get interested in playing WoW again. I haven’t updated much for a while because I really haven’t felt like playing. Since the announcement that Wrath is hitting us on November 13th, I really haven’t had any drive in me to play Beta at all. And I haven’t felt much desire to play “Regular WoW” just to grind some money so I won’t be dirt poor when I catch the boat to Northrend.

With just under a month to go until the great grind to level 80, I have found a lot of things to get me back into playing. With this latest patch, I got some of my most wanted things from Wrath:

  • All Mounts and Companion Pets are now learned as spells! No more taking up all of my Backpack and half of my Bank with cute, fuzzy animals! Now they are all handily “stored” on the Character screen, under the “Pets” tab.
  • In the same vein, now all Badges of Justice, Battleground Marks, Arena Points, and Honor Points are stored on the Character screen, on their own lovely “Currency” tab! Yay! More free bag and bank slots!
  • New Talent Trees! While respeccing constantly has been the bane of my Wrath Beta existence, I feel like I have a great pre-Wrath, Lvl 70 Feral Druid build. I’m still a 0/50/11 build, but now with a solid DPS Kitty spec. No tanking, please.
  • OMG! FERAL CAT FORM CHARGE! Seriously, if I was into that whole PVP thing, you would be dead before the BG even started. This new Cat move is SICK. … I might just have to get into PVP to take this new talent to it’s full extent.
  • And… BEST OF ALL (to me, of course!) : ACHIEVEMENTS! Seriously, this is why I am playing again, and right now actually. (Praise be to Elune for Dual-Monitor set ups). I have already gotten one of the most coveted Achievement to Druids everywhere: “Kathoid, Guardian of Cenarius”. WTG for awesome new titles. And I have gotten 100% of the maps explored that I can thus far, so as soon as I hit 80 and kick Northrend’s You-Know-What, I will have my title of “Explorer”.

Overall, the patch has been awesome. I just wish I could hit up Stormwind Harbor AND actually hop onto a steam ship and sail up to Northrend now.

Here’s hoping that Novemeber 13th comes a little sooner this year.


One comment

  1. I also can’t wait for Wrath. I totally agree that the patch was an awesome idea. Now if only i could level inscriptions faster and my alt druid faster.

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