Pre-Wrath Raiding

November 4, 2008

I thought I was done with raiding after my raiding guild, “Maelstrom”, all but disintegrated in late August. People stopped raiding because of school, then some people began splintering off into smaller guilds, and then there were only a few of us left who were spending any time playing at all. I looked briefly for a new raiding guild, then decided it would be best just to head back to my old Guild, Order of Cenarius, which is basically just a big bank for my fiancĂ© and I’s characters’ junk. I apped to a few guilds here and there in the past few months, but no one really seemed interested in me, so therefor I was not at all interested in them.

With Wrath right around the corner, I decided I would start the process of looking for a new guild so I would have some people to quest and instance with once the expansion pack comes, and then I will be set for Raiding when I hit level 80. It was also extremely boring not having a guild chat to read and talk in. So I set off to look for a new guild, yet again, and not expecting much. Trade chat is full of nonsense, so I wasn’t expecting much from someone who whispered me about a guild named “Luminosity” whom I had never heard of. So I check out their site and read up a little on them. They raid Black Temple. I don’t think I have even a tiny bit of a chance. I fill out an app anyway, and wait. A day later they accept my app (!!!) and then I’m in. I didn’t think I would ever get into one of their raids because I feel like I’m undergeared, but then there I am staring down Mother Shahraz.

So, I made the incredible leap from Void Reaver all the way to Mother Shahraz with absolutely no knowledge of Black Temple at all. I honestly didn’t even know where the entrance was. How noob is that?!?

We downed Mother after some small issues were worked out with placement, and then headed to Illidari Council. We wiped a ton on them and then called it a night. Next night we were back, and totally kicked their asses after a few attempts, then went upstairs to look at Illidan. We didn’t have the right group make up to take him on, so we headed off to Mount Hyjal to get in some attempts on Archimonde. We didn’t down him, but holy hell I learned a lot in those fights. And, not to brag, but people said I was doing well. And I didn’t cause any wipes! Hurray! And they upgraded me from a “trial” member to a real member! I can see their bank now! It’s a nice feeling.

I honestly never thought I would see the insides of Hyjal or BT before I was 80, and I know I’ve been mega-buffed and they’ve been mega-nerfed, but its still such an awesome feeling, to be in such a great group of truly talented raiders. And they like me (!) and think I’m doing very well (!!), and I like them! Wooo!

No loot yet from these guys, and I don’t expect it any time soon, but this is opening up a new chapter of WoW to me which I never thought I would fit in to.

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