November 17, 2008

I finally hit 74 last night.

I was having a really difficult time leveling until yesterday when I was repeating some quests in Dragonblight that I had finished on Beta. Except that, since I did those quests in Beta, they had changed. “Return To Angrathar” is now the damn coolest quest ever (so far). Why? This is why. OMG Cinematic!! And the following quests … amazing. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t done the quest line yet… but OMG, I got to talk to Thrall. Me, a little Night Elf Druid, got to talk to Thrall. (Also got to see Broll Bearmantle, and read up a bit on him while I waited for the Battle of Undercity quest to start up, and holy crap… /druidcrush… I wish I was born with antlers, too! Uh, in game of course.) I just wish stupid Mr. King didn’t mess it all up in the end. I wanted to /cry when he started attacking Thrall. So not cool.

Anyhow, so after all those awesome quests I decided I liked playing Wrath again, after a momentary lapse and thinking that I hated WoW and never wanted to play again because it was boring. I then headed out to Grizzly Hills and did a ton of questing. I think Grizzly Hills is my new favorite zone (so far!) because Dragonblight is soooo ugly and drab looking. I like seeing trees and mountains and all sorts of animals. Makes my druidic self very happy. Then I ran The Nexus for the first time, and that was cool (and gave me a ton of XP, even at 73…) and I topped the DPS charts, and by a lot. That made me feel a ton better about my decision to go feral DPS. Then after Nexus, back to Grizzly Hills and then DING!!!

Then, off to my new favorite city: DALARAN!!!

Dalaran is beautiful. The architecture of the whole city is amazing. The detail they put into each little shop is outstanding. I absolutely love the shop that sells the items for companion pets, including a fetch ball and a snack for them too! The NPC “Breanni” who sells them is named and modeled after the creator of warcraftpets.com. I visited her last night and bought a fetch ball and played a little game with Frosty, my cute little frost wyrm whelp. (If you didn’t know, you can get one of these cuties from purchasing the Collector’s Edition of WotLK.)

I wanted to do more questing, but I spent at least an hour running around Dalaran on my new Armored Brown Bear. Yes, I blew 750 Gold on a mount, but since getting to Northrend only a mere 4 levels ago, I had made well over 1000 G, just on quests and selling quest reward gear. I am now at the level where I have to start actually looking at gear to see if it is better. It’s hard to go from full epics to a mix with some blues, but the gear is a lot better than some of the stuff I had before. It will be a sad day when I have to give up my Antlers for something better.

Anyhow, so that puts my Compantion Pet total to 42, and my Mount total to 52. Hardcore, I know.

(“About” Page updated.)

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