A Gift Giving Guide: Your Lady of WoW

December 15, 2008

Well with Winter Veil upon us in game and Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner and all, it’s time to get shopping for your own WoW Lady, if you haven’t done so already. I can’t say for sure what she may love (be it a bucket of popcorn or that fancy pair of diamond earrings she has been not-so-subtly wanting) but one thing is sure: if she LOVES WoW she would probably LOVE a WoW gift.

Wrath of the Lich King: If she doesn’t have it already you are letting her slowly die on the inside. Or, if she does have it and is QQing about the lack of Companion Pets her Main has, upgrade her to Collector’s Edition! Pricey, I know, but love knows no bounds (and you do know which love I am talking about, don’t you?). The CE Edition comes with much awesomeness, but the Frost Wyrm pet is a gift that will make her giggle in delight at it’s absurd cuteness. If that isn’t holiday spirit, I’m not sure what is.

TShirts: Who needs long sleeves when she has you to keep her warm? She will definitely be in the mood for huggin’ once she unwraps one of these awesome Ts.

  • Darnassus Nightsabers Women’s Tee – Let her show off her WoW Pride without it being too obvious! This WoW Tee is cleverly disguised as a Team Tee, although any WoWer out there is sure to recognize it!
  • Locked Chest Women’s Tee – You better hope you play a rogue for this one though. Or else she may go elsewhere to be “lock picked”. (*I’m just realizing now that they should update the graphic on the shirt, as max level has increased.)
  • Druid Class Women’s Tee – I of course have this one, so it gets my seal of approval. Actually, I’m wearing it right now! It’s a sign you WoW Lady also desires a class Tee of her own. They have one for every class, other than Death Knight, though I am sure that is to come soon.
  • /Dance Women’s Tee – I also have this tee too, in Olive. A must have for any Night Elf.

Talking Murloc Plush Toy – I have a love for Murlocs. This little cutey stands (hunches?) at 9 inches tall, and sings that lullaby that is the Murloc Battle Cry: MRRLGLLRMMRRRGLLL!!! (I’m not sure on the spelling there.) If your love has a soft spot for the oft misunderstood underdog of Azeroth, pick up one of these guys so she will have someone to cuddle with when you undoubtedly stay up all night raiding.

Baby Murloc Plush – That last Murloc not cute enough for her (or you)? Seek out one of these ultra rare baby Murky plushes. As far as I know they were only available at a 2007 WWI event in Korea. Yes, he is a Blizzard Licensed Product. And oh so cute, too!! You can find them on Ebay, but the price isn’t cheap. But you know my feelings on love… (see above)

World of Warcraft Action Figures – Not into plush toys? How about hard plastic. (You know, so when its sitting out and your bros come over they won’t laugh, and you won’t have to explain who wears the WoWPants in your household…) Check out these Action Figures. It even comes in the delicious Broll Bearmantle flavor. (/insert druid crush xoxo<3xoxo /end druid crush)

And, of course, if you’re cheap, there’s always pre-paid game time cards!!

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