Happy Feast of Winter Veil!

December 15, 2008

I usually frown upon the existence of Mondays, but today is an exciting Monday! HAPPY FEAST OF WINTER VEIL!! The festivities run from today, Monday, December 15th until Friday, January 2nd.

Greatfather Winter is back this year, and if you’ve been nice (or just a little bit naughty) and you bring him some fresh baked gingerbread cookies and ice cold milk he might have a few achievements to stuff into your stocking this year. I hope I am on his “nice” list, especially since I have already Rescued Metzen and found the lost Smokeywood Pastures shipment, ensuring a Merry Winter Veil celebration for all the young ones in Azeroth.

I even threw on an apron to cook up some tasty treats for my guildies. I think I may even bake up a batch of Tasty Cupcakes and Gingerbread Cookies to fill their mailboxes for the holiday.

If you, too, are trying to bake up some cookies for Greatfather Winter and find that your bags are lacking Small Eggs and the Auction House prices have got you down, head to Eversong Woods. The Dragonhawks there have about a 150% drop rate. Every single dragonhawk drops at least one egg, and often they drop 2. I spent less than 30 minutes in the area last night and was able to farm 200 eggs. I just shifted into my seldom used travel form and ran around one-shotting them with my fierce auto attack.

  • If you are Alliance, just fly to Zul’Aman from Ironforge. From Dalaran, your quickest route may be to port to Shattrath, hop into the portal to Isle of Quel’Danas, and hop on a flight path down to Zul’Aman. Mount up and head North through the Ghostlands. Once you cross the river into Eversong woods. You should find an ample supply of these low level beasts to cook up all the Gingerbread Cookies you could ever want. Keep in mind that this is a Horde zone and all NPCs will be unfriendly towards you. You will also be tagged for PVP in this zone, whether or not you play on a PVP server.
  • For Horde, well you are lucky (for once), just port right on over to Silvermoon and head south, you will see dragonhawks all around once you leave the city. And please be kind to any Alliance you find, they are just looking to get eggs to make presents for their friends.

Holiday spices, which are also needed to bake the Gingerbread Cookies, are available from the Smokeywood Pasture vendors located right near Greatfather Winter for the small fee of 10 copper. He is also going to need something to wash those cookies down with. Ice Cold Milk (required for the quest) is available from any innkeeper that sells refreshments. I know for sure that the innkeeper behind the bar at the Inn in Ironforge has them.

You can also use the Holiday spices to cook up two other Holiday recipes. Egg Nog requires a small egg, ice cold milk and holiday spices, which you should have left over from the quest, as well as holiday spirits. You can pick them up from the vendor next to the one that gives quests (at least in Ironfogre). Hot Apple Cider requires holiday spirits, holiday spices, and sparkling apple cider. Cook all three and you will earn the achievement: “The Winter Veil Gourmet“.

Happy cooking and Happy Holidays!



  1. I would never have thought to look there. Great Tip!

  2. Another great place to farm the small eggs is outside Auberdine in Darkshore. There is a nest of level 12ish owlkin east of Auberdine that’s large enough that the respawns are there when you get back to the start. I don’t have the patience for 200 eggs, but I did net 30 in about five minutes. 🙂

    Happy Winter’s Veil,

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  5. […] Check her posts on kissing achievements and cooking (also runs a nice blog, to boot and a great Twitterati. Should visit and say […]

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