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December 16, 2008

I left <paradigm shift> last night.

The guild I had joined when it was nothing. The guild that I had stuck it out with while we leveled our way up to 80 and ran instances with while we recruited, and subsequently kicked, a few horrible players. The guild that I had supported through a ton of wipes in Naxxramas. The guild whose raids I have not missed for an entire month of 7 day a week raiding, and was only late to one because I had no heads up on it (and really had to do holiday shopping). The guild who I went out of my way to rush home from work and eat dinner over the keyboard for every night. The guild who I went out of my way for to farm mats on my own for Alchemy and Cooking, and whose members I sold/gave away reagents to at extremely low prices (or free) just to help better us. The guild I farmed mats for for other peoples professions. The guild I helped down all of Naxx up to Kel’Thuzad, Obsidian Sanctum, and Vault of Archavon.

And most of all, the guild that I loved.

Yes, that is the guild I left.

Why? I’m not entirely sure myself.

Last night, after rushing home from work, I logged on to gather up a few last minute things before our 8:30 raid start time. 8:30 comes and goes. No invite. I then get a tell from a DPS Paladin saying that him and I won’t be getting invites tonight. I whisper the Guild Leader and say: “So I hear I’m not getting an invite?”. He replies: “You hear weird things.”. Way to dodge a bullet, huh? A while goes by, still no invite. I can see part of the guild is in Naxx or right outside. I get pulled down a vent channel by a Mage friend and he explains the situation, and that he is yelling at Guild Leader to get me into the group. Finally I am invited, and Guild Leader uses the excuse that he auto-invited off the calendar, which he says I am not on by mistake. Ugh. So I am in group, but the DPS Paladin isn’t so lucky. I speak my mind to the Mage on how DPS Pally was there last night, should just be the same group minus the pugged replacement Shammy from last night, because our Shammy is on tonight. But no, we take a DPS Warrior who has missed many a raid. Whatever, right?

We go in, and wipe a ton on Sapphiron. This is new to all of us, so its expected. Finally we figure everything out and we down him. YES! No loot for me, but I don’t mind. I never mind on loot, I know I am DPS and we come last for loot distribution.

Next room. Last boss. Kel’Thuzad. I ask if we can take a short break so I can watch the video of the fight. I get shit saying I should have watched it before. I say, I rushed home from work and didn’t have a chance to see it yet. I say I am going to watch it anyway, THEN the Guild Leader says that we should all take a break to “refresh” our memory on the fight and watch the video. I go watch video. Doesn’t seem too horrible, but takes coordination. And brains, like every fight.

Attempt. Wipe. Attempt. Wipe. And so on. Being stupid males, they need to pick a blame for every one. Guess who that blame falls on? Could it be the only female in the guild? Well, it was me. Everytime.

They kept saying I got outside the green circle on the first phase. I never did. I died on that phase because I do burst damage (DUH!) and no one was taunting them off of me. Meanwhile other people are clearly outside the green circle, nothing said to them. Next phase, no one is downing the left over mobs except for me. I down them, with no help, then run over to the boss and carefully work on my positioning. It was a melee heavy group, so we had to be in a perfect square on max hit box range. I do that, the other melee doesn’t, and we all get Ice Blocked and we wipe. AND I GET BLAMED. I am so WTF?! at this point, but I hold my tongue and take their comments and ignore them, or try to. More attempts, more wipes.

It is VERY clear at this point that none of the DPS have watched the video. Or read strats, or paid much attention to any of the things anyone has been saying. We were supposed to stop the raid at 12 midnight, because several members had to get to bed. It is 12:45 at this point. After the last wipe I decide to leave the group and say in vent: “I’m out. I’m tired of all your comments.” I leave vent and Guild Leader bumps me from group and replaces me immediately. My screen explodes with tells.

Let’s back up a little. These boys have no manners. Vent is an on-going barrage of foul language, which I can deal with. But not when it is directed at me, and certainly not when I ask them politely to stop calling me certain names. They are always using the N word to each other and calling everyone a Fag, but of which offend me, but I have gotten that in every single guild I have been in. Never have I had it directed at me personally though. The guild leader doesn’t do anything about this. He decides his feeling on this is that no one respects each other, but that makes us all on a level playing field. Not a good stance on this, I think.

After ignoring most of the tells so I could talk to the Guild Leader, he basically shoves me off and says they have to raid. Yeah, what a way to make me feel wanted or anything… So it’s pretty obvious at this point he doesn’t care. So I say in Guild Chat that I am leaving the guild, because I am tired of their language and I am tired of taking the blame for wipes and I am tired of farming mats for them and bringing consumables with no thanks from anyone. I say I want my things back out of the gbank. I /gquit.

I only got two tells. Mage and Priest, both of whom I have gotten to be friendly with, because they are nice people, and I exclude them from the things I said above, because they don’t treat me bad at all.

More than half an hour later I finally get a tell from the Guild Leader asking me what was mine in the bank. I tell him and that is about it I get from him.

I joined some guild named <Static> out of trade chat. I don’t know anyone there. They have progress in Naxx, a few steps behind where <Paradigm Shift> was. They say they are nice. I can raid some times. Whatever, I guess.

Mage and Priest are threatening to leave the other guild. Guild Leader either doesn’t know or care. Says nothing to me.

I join a horrible 25 man Naxx run, trying to cheer myself up. Doesn’t work. No one knows what they are doing. Someone had to ask where the door was. (Ouch.)

I feel dirty the whole time, with this other guild name over my head. Like I am cheating on someone or something.

There are so many things wrong with <Paradigm Shift>. Why then do I miss them?


  1. Probably the feelings of familiarity and progress. I believe you mentioned at one point that you had downed a few bosses with them. Even though I left Carnage, my old guild where I had raided my entire BC career, I formed my own shortly before Wrath came out. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss a few of their players every once in a while.

    I’d offer you a spot but it would involve a server transfer and I’m not sure if you’d feel at home here either :(. Not to mention I don’t have a whole lot of raid spots to hand out either ^^. But hey, look at this as just a fresh way to go about and do stuff. Look at it as a new opportunity.

    Sounds to me like your former GL isn’t cut out to be a GL. Don’t be surprised if that organization folds.

  2. Screenshot combat log / where they were standing
    I love the combat log – why are you dying? I was hit for 10k ect ect..

    I’m sorry your efforts weren’t appreciated in your old guild – don’t let it put you off from being helpful in the future, but never let yourself get used.

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