December 16, 2008

I’m not sure if I want to raid with this new guild <Static> yet.

If I raid Naxx with them tonight I’m saved to their raid ID for a whole week. I could potentially miss out on better raiding opportunities with better guilds.

If I don’t raid with them I potentially miss out on gear upgrades that would help out if I decide to switch guilds (or servers)…

I don’t even know if they suck or not yet. Wowjutsu shows their rank as last of the Alliance on our server, 19th overall.  Paradigm Shift is sitting in the 5th Alliance spot currently,  9th overall.  (I am still somewhat shocked by the Horde’s success at PVE. Previously they were only focusing on PVP.)

I don’t even know why I am thinking about it but I could probably get my old Guild Leader to take me. Yes, he was a jerk, but I’m pretty sure if I’m not there, neither will his Top DPS Mage and Top Healer Priest. I don’t want to hold back anyones progress. I want my friends to get loot, and lots of it.

Why can’t I ever think of myself first? I think this is an issue I’ve been dealing with my whole WoW Career. I think my desire to help people before myself was one of the main reasons I couldn’t hold a guild together back in the BC days. I think it is also why maybe I haven’t been the best officer at times. And I know it has hurt me in the whole dealings with <Paradigm Shift>.

I’m not sure what to do, but I only have an hour to figure it out.


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