Here we go again.

December 17, 2008

Apparently whatever decision I make on what guild to stick with I am going to have some feeling of regret. Or maybe I’m just still feeling unsure?

After a very long and honest conversation with my old GM from <paradigm shift>, and the realization that <Static> was a huge guild of nice people but lacking the talent I was used to, and that a server transfer would break too many hearts, I decided to rejoin <Paradigm Shift>.

I feel really shitty for dumping <Static> after such a short stay, but it was merely a fling. The boys of <Paradigm Shift> may be crude and unruly, but I missed them. And they missed me. They didn’t 10 man raid Naxx last night. I think I might have affected them more than I knew.

We discussed the issues at hand, and they just didn’t realize that they were upsetting me so much. I guess that is what I get for sucking it all up and trying not to let it get to me. (At least I didn’t blow up and cry in vent this time…) The GM also had realized things were getting out of hand prior to this, but this made him realize he has to do something about it.

The good thing that came out of this was me figuring something out. If the guys in this guild weren’t so badass there would be no way we could have made it so far with such a lack of organization or orderly anything. We just pwn.

Yes, I am being careful not to get my little druid kitty heart squashed again, but I see good things from here on out.

Thanks all for your support.

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