Where have all the kitties gone?

December 17, 2008

While talking with my once-again Guild Leader last night I joked saying how he was so lucky to have me back because I might be the best feral DPS druid on the server. Then I got to thinking… what if I am the ONLY feral DPS druid on the server?

I had seen a few in PUGs a few weeks ago, but nothing since. And the ones I did see? They were just plain bad. I know of one large raiding guild on the server is running with one Feral Druid OT. No one else can think of one. The other feral druid in our guild is going Boomkin now. Most people I have joined 25 man PUGs with have been very confused as to my existence (until they see my DPS, that is). And I have had quiet a few people tell me they didn’t think cat form was useful in raids until they met and grouped with me.

It can’t be my gear. I’ve only got 4 epics. My staff is pretty killer, but its pre-Naxx gear. I’m not even hit capped. And I’m not 100% positive my spec (0/60/11) is as fine tuned as it could be.

When I started raiding in BC I had people on the server and plenty of resources online that I could tap for information. And most of it, honestly, I just figured out on my own through trial and error. But I was tanking back then. And I have always felt that tanking was easier, but I haven’t dabbled into it since Wrath launched. (Although I am building a set in anticipation of dual-spec).

The only conclusion is that people just don’t know how to play. Druid cat form has seen quiet a few changes and additions since patch 3.0, and it has really changed the way I play, and the way I raid.

And, yes, I mean those as two separate things. While raiding I change my strategies a bit on DPS, not to mention I have to keep my eye on Innervate and Battle Rez cooldowns. In a pinch I also have to be capable of healing, decursing, removing poison, and bandaging. Druids truly are a multitasking class.

I’m at work while I’m writing this so I can’t hop on to WoW on check to see what my rotation is… and I, uh, don’t recall because I can’t remember what everything is called… but I will tomorrow, since it is my day off. So long as we don’t lose power, that is.

I want to help all the confused kitties out there. We can be awesome DPS! We ARE awesome DPS! We rock RAWR!


  1. Kitty rotations? Wasn’t that, according to my memory, smash that which isn’t up any more and if not that spam mangle/shred?
    Also, nice blog here, just stumbled across this from Matt’s, and for you being a druid blog not in my reader (OH NOES) I just had to come here and… erm…
    /target RSS-feed
    /Swift Flight Form

  2. Great to see another feral kitty! ook forward to seeing more of your stuff!

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