Computer Issues Updated…

December 20, 2008

So turns out I have a corrupted hard drive. I am now actually happy we had to get the service plan thing, because Dell is going to come replace it within the next two business days. Which means Tuesday, I think… ugh.

So I have lost thousands of photos, hundreds of songs, hundreds of WoW screenshots, along with a ton of important files both WoW and non-WoW related. My fiancé is working hard to see if there is anyway he can get some of the files off the drive. I don’t really trust Dell to be doing that, though. I seriously don’t want pictures of my cats all over the web.

I guess I’m forced to rebuild everything from the ground up both on my computer and on WoW.

I’ll write more about the guild drama, because the details are too plentiful for this whole “QuickPress” thing I’m using, but I am not in a guild and I am considering server transferring.

I guess starting fresh can’t be the worst thing in the world.

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