I get by with a little helper from my friends…

December 21, 2008

Ask any wannabe “Merrymaker” Druid, this is the worst achievement for us this Winter Veil. There are tons of Druids out there who love PVP, BGs, and Arenas, so how could this be so hard for us?

Let me first explain a little about how this achievement called “With a Little Helper from my Friends” works. You have to: “Earn 50 honorable kills as a Little Helper from the Winter Wondervolt machine.” To get turned into a Little Helper you have to first find the locations of the Winter Wondervolt machine. There are a few locations you can find the Winter Wondervolt machine in, but my machine of choice was the one in Runeweaver Square, Dalaran. (If you need to brush up on your Dalaran skills, that is the small park in the center of the city.)


To get the costume put on you, all you have to do is walk into the transporter looking thing and wait a second or two and POOF! you are a cute little gnome.


The reason I like the Dalaran location is its proximity to the Battlemasters. Get your costume, and run a few steps and queue for a Battleground.

All is simple, except for this one thing: the act of shapeshifting removes the costume. So whether cat, bear, tree, or moonkin, all druids will be cursing a little (or a lot) at Blizzard this holiday season. Therefore, all druids must complete this achievement in caster form. I think that ferals will really have the hardest time with this, as we have the lowest mana pool. I am not sure if Priests shifting to Shadow Form will affect this, or if being Polymorphed would have an affect either, however you will lose your costume regardless of class when you die.

I am kind of surprised by this in this day and age of Wrath. Especially as while heading through Brunnhildar Village will transform me into a blue lady no matter what form I am in. This is especially interesting while in flight form, as I then appear to be swimming laps in the sky. Getting this costume placed upon me does not break me out of any form, and changing forms has no affect either. If they can do this, they could certainly make it so that when I am a gnome I am in cat form, too.

Regardless of what could have (or should have) been done, we druids just have to deal for this Winter Veil. Here is how I went about getting the achievement. I know that chances are that it may take a bit longer for you all to get it, as I just got really lucky in the BGs that I entered.

I chose the above-mentioned Dalaran Wintervolt machine, and chose Eye of the Storm as my BG. Why EotS? It is a relatively short fight, has a small group of people (15), and it doesn’t make me want to avoid BGs for the rest of my life like some of the others do. Like I said, I got extremely lucky here. I ended up in what was quiet possibly the best group I’ve ever been in for EotS. I was able to get about 35 kills in one BG before I died.

I stayed back and moonfired as many horde as I could see so that when they eventually died I would get the HK for it. I also kept myself and many of my other teammates healed up, too. With my low mana pool I found myself popping my Innervate whenever it was up, and drinking whenever I was out of combat. I also used bandages to save my mana for moonfires. Don’t forget you can always shadowmeld to remove yourself from combat if you end up OOM. Shadowmelding does not remove the costume from you. You can also root people in place to keep yourself out of the middle of the action. I thought for sure that I would get targeted immediately by the horde for being a gnome in Santa clothes but I didn’t encounter any of that. My big tip would be: stay back and just use your moonfire to tag a target, don’t spam it or you will OOM and undoubtedly piss off the horde.You are more an observer here. And if you do die, don’t fret, you can pop into your form of choice and beat the snot out of the jerk that killed you and messed up the Achievement for you. Trust me, that is very therapeutic.

I ended up only having to enter 4 battles of EotS to complete my achievement. One was so bad I entered a midbattle fight and we were stuck on the rock twidling our thumbs until they won. Another was so good that we beat them 2000 to 0, which also rewards an achievement: “The Perfect Storm“. We also won that battle in under six minutes, rewarding: “Flurry“. For someone who doesn’t really care for BGs or PVP in general, this achievement was actually fun for me.

You do have until January 2nd to complete this achievement. And you can do 50 BGs and only get 1 HK in each if that is how the cards fall for you. You can mix your BGs too, and you can mix BGs in with Wintergrasp, or you can just camp level 71s in starting zones if that is what you desire. It’s up to you how to complete the achievement.

I did read a good tip on Wowhead for those who love to Wintergrasp. Once a battle has begun, hit up the Wondervolt Machine in Dalaran then pop into the portal to Wintergrasp. If you die, you can just right click on your minimap icon to “Leave Battleground”, get your costume on and head right back. (I haven’t tested this theory out, but it should work.)

I hope this helps you all be a little Merrier! Happy Winter Veil!!

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