Christmas Loot

December 26, 2008

My Christmas went pretty well. I spent it back home with my family, which also means a lack of WoW for me for the next few days. It really makes wish I had a laptop to game on. I am really looking forward to getting to play around with all the tons of new add-ons I installed on my newly working computer, and playing WoW on a widescreen set up. I did manage to log on to WoW before heading down here in order to get my present unwrapping skill up and finished off the last of my achievements to get my “Merrymaker” title!

So as for Christmas loot, I definitely made out pretty well. On top of the toaster oven I’ve been wanting (I know I’m weird, but you should have seen how happy my sister was to get her garbage can, long story) and the leopard print PJs (*very* feral) I got a bunch of really cool stuff. My mom also got me the 2009 World of Warcraft Wall Calendar. Yes, from my mom!! I had totally forgot about it, even though I’ve had one the past couple of years. I always love the art they put in there, plus the little stickers that come with it. Some say “Raid”, “AFK”, “DND”, as well as many others. Now if only I had a Guild to raid with, I could put a few more of those stickers into action. Also, trying to explain what World of Warcraft is to my Uncle and Grandma was very interesting.

My fiance got me a few awesome WoW presents, too (other than the awesome monitors). I got the talking Murloc Plush and the Baby Murloc Plush who came all the way from Korea to live at my house. Both very cute.

Well there are still many more Holiday festivities for me to take part in while I am home, so I won’t be back to my house for a few more days. I may get some time to write a post or two in the next few days, but without any WoW to play I’m not sure how much I will have to write about.

Hope everyone else got some WoW Loot for their Holiday of choice!

I’ll write you all again before the New Year, promise!

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