A Year in Review

December 31, 2008

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I had never stepped foot inside any Raid instance. Back then I was still running my first real guild “Order of Cenarius”, trying to recruit a solid 10 members so we could finally raid Karazhan. I was level 70, trial-and-error learning my way to how to tank. DPS was something I only did soloing, or when we found a better tank. I certainly wasn’t an expert at anything I was doing then, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to ever become a “hardcore” raider.

In early 2008, after losing many members to larger guilds, the most active members of “Order of Cenarius” and I set out to find a new guild to call home. After trying to PUG Kara, and joining other Kara PUGS, we knew we couldn’t do it on our own. We decided to find a guild that would take us all, and that guild was “Brilliance”. We quickly embarked out on Karazhan, learning everything as we went, growing stronger and stronger with each week of experience and loot. I became a raid leader and main tank for my Kara group, and after many attempts we finally cleared all of Kara. As a guild we progressed on to defeat Gruul and Magtheridon, and eventually on to Void Reaver who we downed once. Yet, after all these successful raids, the guild began to crumble beneath us due to disputes and drama. Many of the members, including me, splintered off into a new guild, named “Intolerance”. I however quickly lost my tolerance for them, then decided to set off on my own to find a new guild.

After applying to many guilds, and a few short stays with some guilds I really didn’t like, I settled down with “Maelstrom”. I took a step back in my own raiding progression to join them, heading back into Karazhan raiding and prepping for 25 mans. We raided together very sucessfully through the summer of 2008, downing Gruul, Magtheridon, and Void Reaver yet again. As the summer waned, people started raiding less which in turn led to more drama and then once again, the guild fell apart due to disputes and drama.

By this point I was spending only part of my gaming time playing WoW, as I was participating in the Wrath of the Lich King Beta. I put my raiding career on hold, as Wrath was only a few months away, and spent the time I had playing around in Beta and farming gold in BC. I rejoined my old guild “Order of Cenarius”, which at this point had become just a bank for all of my characters’ junk.

In early November I decided it was time for me to start looking for a guild who planned to raid in Northrend. After a lot of searching, I came upon the guild “Luminosity”, and joined them as a trial member. Next thing I know I am in Black Temple, killing lots of baddies. I eventually backtracked with them and saw some more TK, SSC, and Mount Hyjal. I never got to down Archimonde or Illidan with them, but the experience of being in those big 25man raids was enough. This guild, too, suffered from more problems and the guild dis banned. Many of the members reformed as “Evolution” which also bit the dust after not very long. Once again many of the members reformed into yet another new guild. This one being “Paradigm Shift”.

Then we all got what we were really waiting for: Wrath of the Lich King. The members of “Paradigm Shift” quickly leveled up and began gearing up for Naxxramas. Two weeks after WotLK hit, I was already level 80. Next thing I know we are in Naxxramas and wiping, next thing I know after that we are in Naxxramas and downing stuff. It was definetly quite a high. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. A few weeks into raiding and I am out of “Paradigm Shift”. I don’t need to rehash out all the details, and frankly it all doesn’t matter anymore.

With just a few days left to the year, my boys of “Paradigm Shift” finally hang up their hats with that guild and that GM, and join our new guild, “Leviathan”. All my friends have come together to be in this guild, and we are running it right this time. We haven’t started raiding together yet, but that will all come in the new year. I will not be screwed over in this guild, I know it. We all respect each other more and know each other so well. I’ve also been made a Senior Officer, which is basically a Co-GM-type rank that a few of us share. I am also in charge of the guild website. It feels nice to be in this kind of guild. I’m looking forward to a lot in 2009 with these guys.

– – –

I started this blog in early August of 2008 to document all of this. In the beginning I barely had any traffic, other than my fiancé and one or two friends. I really began blogging for myself more than for anyone else, that people were reading and enjoying my blog was a huge bonus, but just a bonus. I started using Twitter not long after, and then became friends with many of the so-called “WoW Twitteratti” on there, which increased my blog traffic slightly. Then thanks to another WoW Blogger, Matticus from over on WorldofMatticus.com, and a link featured in an article on his site, my blog traffic went up exponentially. In the entire month of November I had a whole 52 views. In all of Decemeber my views had gone up to 836. While I haven’t gotten near the almost 200 hits I got on the day the Matticus post went up, I have averaged around 50 views a day since.

One of the more satisfying things for me though is seeing how many people come over from links and searches, versus how many come to the site without being referred through another site. The traffic from Google searches has certainly gone up a lot, with my Winter Veil guides I have written bringing in many people. But the thing I have noticed lately is that the number of people that come to the site directly has climbed higher than the number coming in over links. Which means I have a lot of people that come here on purpose, to read my bloggings.

I have a lot planned for DruidKitty the blog and Kathoid the actualy Druid Kitty for the year to come. 2009 will be a great year for me.

Thanks to all my readers that have made 2008 an amazing blogging year for me.


Love, Peace, and Best Wishes for this brand new year ahead of us.


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  1. If you ever need help or advice about guild stuff, don’t hesitate to ask me or ask the Twitterati. We may not be able to answer your problem or question, but can make sure you consider all the necessary points and weigh the good or the bad.

    Good luck and take care of yourself! I expect to read nothing but good things. Don’t let me down. !

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