Starting Fresh

January 4, 2009

A brand new year is a great time to start over fresh, and WoW is no exception. I’ve certainly gone through my fair share of getting dealt the short end of the stick lately, and its been time for change.

So, I went ahead and made that change.

I honestly expected my first real post of the year to be about finding a great new guild on a great new server, and about making a whole batch of new friends there. After I began looking at other servers, I found many new opportunities awaiting me across many realms. Many sounded promising and would give me the chance to be rid of all the drama, grief, and other baggage Dalvengyr has given me over the years. I had even found a guild so promising I started seriously looking at what I had to do for a server transfer.

I was so excited about this other server and guild that I just had to tell my friends. I had long told them that if I was going to leave I would tell them in advance. So I logged onto their guild vent to talk to them, of course when their GM (yes, that GM) wasn’t logged on, to tell them what I was thinking.

And I think it was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

They had been toying around with the idea of starting our own guild for a few weeks now, ever since all the drama between their GM and I began. They even went and created the guild, just in case. Despite all this, I still wasn’t sure how seriously they had thought about leaving “Paradigm Shift”, especially as it seemed not everyone knew about the existence of the back-up guild.

I’m not sure if me talking about transferring was what kicked them into gear, but it sure felt that way. I think a few of them honestly believed that their GM would get over all the made-up issues and I would eventually be welcomed back with open arms. He didn’t get over anything; instead he just started calling me the “C” word. He was becoming more and more a tyrant, kicking anyone who flat out didn’t agree with him. And everyone was growing weary of his behavior.

We made our plan: they would all GQuit the next day, after they talked to the GM to try and leave on good terms. I was hopeful, but still not convinced they would actually leave and all join the new guild. They set out to talk to everyone who we wanted to follow us, stayed away from the GM’s “lapdogs”, and spread the word. I hoped that this time it was for real.

The next day I log on, half expecting to see them all still in “Paradigm Shift”, and with them all having changed their minds. Much to my delight, and surprise, a few had already made the switch over to our new home: “Leviathan”. And slowly but surely, one by one, everyone logged on, GQuit, and joined up with us in our new home.

No one had any luck in leaving on a good note. I’m not sure what was said, but I do know that he didn’t like anything he heard. Eventually so many people left “Paradigm Shift” to either join us, or other guilds, that he disbanded the guild and took the remaining members to another guild. It has only been a few days now, but we are having more and more of them trickle back to us. We’ve even been yelled at for poaching his members. We aren’t. He doesn’t realize that people can think for themselves, and see when something is wrong. He doesn’t realize that one qualification to being a good GM is to be nice, to be fair, and not to be an asshole.

I am honestly sorry for him, but more sorry for the guild he has invaded with his hopeless followers. But, like with all things, the truth will eventually come out. More people will see how messed up he is, and I’m sure that a few of them will follow our lead to “Leviathan”.

In the few short days that we have been a guild, we have already downed 10-Man Obsidian Sanctum, and all Four 10-Man Naxxramas Quarters, with several attempts on Sapphiron tonight. No drama, no fighting over loot, just good times. I was even able to get my fiancé’s Rogue into the raid Naxx, his first ever, as he just dinged 80 on New Year’s Day. After just a few days, we now stand at #20 (according to WoWjustsu) on our server over all.

I know what you all must be thinking. How do I know I’m not going to get screwed over again? After all, it is still essentially the same guild, just minus one key member, and with a new name. I obviously can’t know that; no one can know something like that. But I never do anything half-heartedly. And I trust these guys. After all, they were the ones that stopped me from transferring. Not by saying “Hey don’t transfer!!”, but by their actions. And we all know, actions speak so much louder than words. And they let my fiancé join the guild, without having to apply this time! And, and… and!!!

Ok, so I have a little more reassurance than that. We have no GM. Technically, we do, because we have to. But all the guild leading functions, actions, and decisions are shared by a group of Senior Officers. And they made me, yes me, a Senior Officer. Which means there is no way they can make stupid rules or invite stupid people or do stupid anything else without my say on the matter. And they have also made me in charge of our guild’s website, which deserves a whole other blog post of it’s own.

My biggest reassurance, however, isn’t a rank they can give me, or something they can put me in charge of. No, my biggest reassurance is that I know these guys, and I know that they really are good guys, despite what some idiot GM said or did. I trust them. And we all respect each other.

I never really saw how hard it was for a girl to gain any respect gaming until my whole experience with “Paradigm Shift” and its GM. But this whole entire experience has proved to me why it is so important to gain that respect, and why it is so, so very worth it.


  1. That is indeed a great start to a new year. I’m very happy things have worked out for you and that you’ve found yourself a new home!

  2. Congratulations! I’m sure things will work out great!

    There may still be a stigma about girl gamers, but overall some of the best players I’ve run into are girls and I definitely respect more girl gamers than guys (maybe that’s just a ratio thing, but still).

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