January 10, 2009

Help. I don’t know what else to title this post, other than “Help”. I need help from the greater WoW communities of Bloggers and the WoW Twitterati.

I have been having a problem in WoW. Not with gear, or a raid, or anything actually having anything to do with the game itself. There is a player on my server that has been spreading personal information about me around the server. As in, full name, birthday, address, my cat’s name (wtf?), and I’m sure other juicy details. I do not know this person, have never been in a guild with them, have never grouped with them, and I have never talked to them until I was in Naxxramas for a 10man with the guildies.

Some other run must have wiped, because people started talking in general chat. (Yes, Naxxramas general chat.) Someone said something about one of my guildies, so I light-heartedly defended them. I don’t remember what I said exactly, but that doesn’t really matter. It was nothing mean, I know that. So then they say something about me being a girl and calling me by my full name IN GENERAL CHAT!!! Now my first name isn’t that hard to figure out from my character name, but my first name is a less common variant of a much popular first name that many people think of first. Then he whispers me my LAST NAME, and ok, I am PISSED. Then he tells me the town I live in. WTF?! After that, I put him on ignore, and wait until after the boss we are on to write up a ticket to a GM.

He is in a guild I applied to and never heard back from. He whispered a guildie of mine and told him my birthday (which idc, because that member is my friend on facebook…) and then told him that he got it all off of my application. I never put in my birthdate, just age. I never put in the town I live in. Here, see for yourself:


1. Your Name, Character Name, Class, Race, and server you currently play on:

What is your age?:

Provide us a link of your armory profile with you logged out in your PVE gear and with the spec you use in raids:

List your previous raid experience in this game both pre BC and BC:
BC- Bits and pieces of everything but Sunwell.

Wrath – Naxx- I’ve seen everything but not all on the same difficulty.
Winterspring raid heroic
Sartarion normal and heroic

What days and hours do you most frequently play WOW?:
everyday. after 8pm server.

Do you have Vent and a mic? You dont necessarily need a mic but you need to be able to listen to instructions:
Yes and yes.

Do you have any problems with having to sit out a raid from time to time? Sometimes we have to stack the group with a certain makeup to make things work.:
Depends on the situation but generally speaking, no.

What guilds have you been in previously and why did you leave?:

Is there any current members of our guild that can vouch for you?:
Im not sure on everyone who is in yoru guild, but I just did a /who and I have been in a few raids with *removed*.

Thank you for taking interest in *removed* and good luck with the application.

Guildlaunch, the site their guild website is on, has my birthday in my profile, but I am pretty sure that isn’t able to be seen by everyone. That still doesn’t explain how he knows the town I live in, or my cat’s name, or any of the other stupid things he knows. I deleted my Myspace, several old blogs, and anything else that I thought was questionable. (I have yet to figure out how to delete guildlaunch.) I removed a few friends on Facebook, too, not that had anything to do with this, but now I am paranoid.

And even if they are some amazing internet slueth with nothing better to do with their time, one fact stands out: This is blatantly against Blizzard’s Terms of Service, right there under the Harassment Policy. And I quote:

Real-Life Information and Threats

This category includes both clear and masked language which:

  • Refers to violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game world
  • Releases any real life information about other players or Blizzard employees

If a player is found to have used such language, he/she may:

  • Be given a warning for releasing general personal information
  • Be temporarily suspended from the game for real life threats and/or releasing detailed personal information
  • Incur further real-life repercussions depending on the severity of the threat

The GMs aren’t doing enough, in my opinion, because of the fact that they haven’t fixed the situation so that it does not happen again.

Yesturday I had two more people whisper me, one was telling me to take the first jerk off ignore. The other was someone else sending me more personal info. I submitted another ticket after that. Today I had 4 people whisper me with again more personal info about me. I opened another ticket, which is still open.

I never get to actually talk to a GM, they just clear my ticket then email me. The first was the form letter response, the second time I got a real email, written by a real person, telling me basically I should consider calling the police. And the guy still isn’t banned, because he is still asking people to ask me to take him off of ignore. Which I’m totally not doing. So, WTF, Blizzard?? He is still no banned, still harassing me, and still spreading personal information about me. And they still get to play.

But the thing that is more troublesome than all of that is, is WHY!? I can’t figure out what I did to make this person so mad. I don’t know them. The only thing that I can come up with is that my old Guild Leader has gone completly crazy and has convinced someone to harass me until I leave the server, so that he can have his guild back. Not like that would even happen, they don’t like him, either.

I’m just not sure what to do at this point. I really can’t afford to pay for 30 people to transfer to another server, nor would they want to leave. I don’t want to leave. The GMs aren’t being helpful. And I doubt this jerk has my credit card info or actual street address, so what could the Police really do? I’m so confused.



  1. screen shot every single thing that happens, keep records of it. IF this guy is bold enough and stupid enough to say, come to your house or some dumb shit, he is going to jail, and this is your proof. other than that, keep it for the GM’s just in case they ask for proof. KEEP putting in tickets, piss them off more or less, and make them do something. having other people pst you in harassament, and since its personal info, its kinda fucked up.

  2. Dang, Kat. You do put info like that in a lot of place, but even so, I’m wondering how he found out all of this stuff. It could be someone’s alt. You have met a lot of people throughout your time playing WoW, so you never know.

    Just think about people that you’ve had problems with. I’m sure you can think of a number of people. Now, they probably are friends with people you’re friends with. Therefore, if one of their friends has access to your personal info stuff like your blogs, then they could give it to the stalker without really meaning any harm.

    I’d help you out somehow if I still played. -Rodyn

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