Patch 3.0.8 Updates, Tiger’s Fury

January 17, 2009

Once again we are seeing some changes in the patch 3.0.8 notes. (via MMO-Champion)

Upon first glance, there isn’t really anything worth writing home about for us ferals.


  • Celestial Focus (Balance) no longer includes Starfall.

But upon better inspection, we have something for us.


  • Druid Feral Tier 7 Set: The 4 piece bonus now also decreases the cooldown on Tiger’s Fury by 3 seconds.

The cooldown on it is currently 30 seconds, so this would drop it to 27 seconds. I’m not sure how big of a deal this will actually be overall, but in longer fights, and certainly in raids, I could see this giving us slightly more DPS. I personally pop Tiger’s Fury whenever it is available.

Why Tiger’s Fury? It is a cat form, instant cast ability that increases damage done by 80 for 6 seconds. Big deal, right. But with the proper Feral build including “King of the Jungle”, this ability becomes much more. With all 3 points put into KotJ: “While using your Enrage ability in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, your damages is increased by 15%, and your Tiger’s Fury ability also instantly restores 60 energy.” Free energy! What kitty doesn’t want that!

Why the change at all, though? Our current 4 piece bonus is not very useful: “Increases the duration of Barkskin by 3 seconds.” Yes, I know it is useful, but not all the time, and will not give us any extra DPS. This new change will give us an edge, albeit a very slight edge, too squeeze out just a bit more DPS.

And who knows, that might be all you need to push ahead above the rest and to the top of those meters!

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