Kitty Raiding: Minor Glyphs

January 18, 2009

In my last post I talked about all the Major Glyphs available to feral druids. In this post, I will talk about all of the Minor Glyphs available to all us druids, feral or not.

Unlike Major Glyphs, which can make-or-break your overall character build, Minor Glyphs are about as important and interchangeable in raids as your current hairstyle. There are certainly ones that are more or less useful, dependent on your spec, but they really are pick and choose to which ever flavor you are feeling at the moment.

Druid Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of Aquatic Form – Increases your swim speed by 50% while in Aquatic Form.

This glyph will certainly not add to your raid performance in any way, shape or form, but swimming is just downright annoyingly slow. We druids have it better that most, but why not be OP in everything you do, including swimming! Recommended for: Fast Lane Drivers Swimmers.

  • Glyph of Challenging Roar – Reduces the cooldown of your Challenging Roar ability by 30 seconds.

I highly recommend this Glyph to any Bear tank out there, since it is for bear tanks. Hopefully you aren’t in groups where you need to be spamming your challenging roar, but this glyph will give you a whole 30 seconds less to worry about it. Recommended for: Bear Tanks.

  • Glyph of Dash – Reduces the cooldown of your Dash ability by 20%.

If you PvP, I recommend this Glyph because it will make you a pro flag carrier. Or, if like me, you have a Mage who likes to try to race you somewhere with his blinks, this will put you at the head of the pack. This will change the cooldown from 3 minutes to 2.4 minutes. Recommended for: Race Runners and PvPers.

  • Glyph of the Wild – Mana cost of your Mark of the Wild and Gift of the Wild spells reduced by 50%.

If you have “Improved Mark of the Wild”, this will improve it even further. And for any raider who finds themselves to be the default druid buffer, this will let you hang on to more of your precious mana. Recommended for: MotW/GotW Raid Buffers or the Mana Conservers.

  • Glyph of Thorns – Increases the durations of your Thorns ability by 50 minutes when cast on yourself.

I have always hated buffs that do not last very long. This fixes that with our “Thorns” spell; typically a 10 minute buff, this becomes a 60 minute buff when cast upon yourself with this Glyph. Recommended for: People that hate short buffs.

  • Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth – Your Rebirth spell no longer requires a reagent.

Save yourself from the curse of having to frequently buy reagents! Not only will it save you some Gold, but it will also free up some extra bag space. “Rebirth” is our Battle Rez, and any and all raiding druids should be using their Rebirth spell. Recommended for: All druid raiders.

I am currently using Minor Glyphs Dash, Thorns, and Unburdened Rebirth. I hope this little guide will help you decide which Minor Glyphs you are going to pick!

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