Getting to know your Elders, Part 1

January 25, 2009

Now that my “research” has been done on the Lunar Festival, it’s time for me to spread the wealth of knowledge onto you.

The Lunar Festival is an event held every year by the Alliance and Horde Druids of Moonglade, wherein they celebrate the city’s triumph over ancient evils. During the Lunar Festival, they welcome all races and classes of Azeroth into Moonglade to join in the celebrations and honor their Elders; seeking out and celebrating in their wisdom, and everyone’s favorite: fireworks.

There is, of course, the great beast Omen to defeat. A quest is given in Moonglade to seek out, summon, and defeat him. This has to be done in a raid group, as he is a level 80 Elite boss. And there are fireworks to launch! And some beautiful clothes to buy, too!

But the real draw to this event, and to its accompanying achievement, is to seek out all the Elders of Azeroth and honor them with your presence and a few mouse clicks. They are scattered across capital cities of both Alliance and Horde, all of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, to the great north in Northrend, and into many dungeons across Azeroth (but luckily, not Outland). Finding out where they are is only half the battle – actually getting to where some of these Elders have decided to hang out for the next few weeks is really the hardest part of all.

Just a warning, this took me about 14 hours from start to finish all in one sitting to get the title. Of course I took breaks to eat and what not, but this seemingly easy achievement is very time consuming. So get your Mountain Dew and your Gamer Grub ready: here we go!!!

Elders Elders Everywhere!

There are way too many Elders for me to talk about every single one, especially when it has been done so well by many other people. Here are some links to help you find Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Northrend Elders.

WoWWiki is a very good resource and has maps of where each of the Elders are.

WoWHead also has a very nice guide put together on the Lunar Festival.

Elders of the Alliance & Elders of the Horde

(Written from an Alliance Druid point of view.) Yes, you have to visit both factions Elders. Darnassus, Ironforge, and Stormwind are home to the three Alliance Elders. You can use the special portals from Moonglade, or regular portals from Dalaran or Shattrath to get to the cities. Or you could always rely on a Mage for ports. As for the Horde Elders, I went to the cities when I was near them while visiting other Elders. They are located in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, and Undercity.

Orgrimmar was the hardest of the three for me, and also where I went first. From the Azshara flight path area I swam down the river south to where the bridge into Org is located. I stealthed in kitty form into the city, carefully hugging walls and avoiding guards to avoid being seen. The Elder is located right by Thrall’s house in The Valley of Wisdom, so if you have raided on Org before you will know the location. Unfortunately you have to un-stealth to talk to the elder, but luckily as a Night Elf I have shadowmeld! As soon as you are done talking to an elder, run a little bit away, make sure no guards or players are too close, and use Shadowmeld. Wait a few seconds then pop back into kitty form and stealth once again. If you are working towards your “Salty” title, make sure you head over to The Valley of Spirits or Valley of Honor and do a little fishing. For the Fishing Diplomat achievement, all you need is to fish up one thing and then you are good to stealth or hearth out. I chose to die and then spirit rez which put me right next to another Elder I needed.

Thunder Bluff should be easy for anyone, whether you can stealth or not. It is not a very popular city so as long as you can dodge the guards you will be fine. This Elder is located in the (duh!) Elder Rise. This Elder is new this year, and you may recognize his name: Ezra Wheathoof. Ezra was a brain cancer sufferer who through Make-A-Wish got to spend some time at Blizzard and influenced the creation of the Pheonix mount. He sadly passed away last year, and this is yet another tribute to him in game. I spent some extra time with him while in Thunder Bluff this year.


The Undercity is probably the easiest of the three Horde cities for an Alliance to visit. If you go in the front entrance the Elder is above ground before the elevators. You should be able to run in on your mount, talk to him quickly, and mount back up and run away.

Don’t forget that there are starting level towns by each of the major cities that you need to visit: Brill, Dolonaar, Goldshire, etc.

In the next post I will cover all the Elders of the Dungeons!

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  1. Its actually not as hard for non-shadowmelders to get into orgrimmar, you just have to know the map so no wrong turns are made. When using the west entrance, just run down the path, avoiding guards as you see fit. When you get to the elder, the last guard following you should turn and run back, and you can get the coin without trouble. If not there is a little nook near the wall past the elder that is perfect for resurecting in, if you do get killed by a player or guard. Then its as simple as running out. I did die once upon running out, but I had removed most of my armor. So if you have yours on it shouldnt be an issue.

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