Getting to know your Elders, Part 2

January 25, 2009

Now onto the “fun” part!


I just loving watching the fireworks, don’t you?!

The Elders of the Dungeons

These are the Elders you really have to work for. There are 13 of them, and many are solo-able, especially as a Night Elf Druid.

BRD and LBRS – Soloable. Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire are easy, and even easier with a group. Since you can still use the BRD summoning stone, you might as well and bring a few friends along with you. In BRD just head straight, avoiding the bad guys, until you get in to the Ring of Law. The Elder is right in the middle, so you have to start the event to get to him. Move quickly, because you should be able to get the Elder and get back out before the gate closes and locks you in. InBRS, head up the chain to enter the instance up there, and once inside make a right and then a left and you will be in Hordemar city. Go straight and after you cross the first wooden bridge he will be on the left.

Stratholme –  Soloable. It will be easiest to do this if you have the key, someone in your group has the key, or if you bring a Rogue along. The elder is easiest to reach if you go in the back door. Make a left, then a right and you will see the Elder. You should be able to solo this withoutaggroing any mobs, but if you do they are just a few kitty swipes from their final resting place.

Sunken Temple – Soloable. You will have to encounter a few mobs, but at 80 you will have no problem. Go to the left once you enter the instance, and up the long spiral staircase. Make a left at the top of the staircase, and then head to your left around the circle. The elder is in the first nook.

Zul’Farrak – Soloable. This elder is in the same room as where you would use the Mallet of ZF to summon Gahz’Rilla. So if you head to your left once you enter the instance you will reach that room fastest. Don’t forget that ZF is one of the few instances where you can ride your mount to your destination.

Maraudon – Soloable. If you are like me, you have never been to this place before. It is in the lonely area of Desolace, north of the Horde city in the Valley of Spears. Once you head into the instance, continue along the tunnel until you get to a room with three different tunnels to choose from. Take the middle one, with two statues on either side, and head down and take the portal. It will put you in a place that will make you say, “WTF! HOW IS THIS AN INSTANCE!!” and be all confused, as I was when I was trying to figure this place out last night. Head south whenever you can, and you will work your way to the Elder. I used this Map to help me out a lot.

The Nexus – Soloable with cloaking, and can be done on Normal. You will need to be very careful about some of the mobs in here, as they can see through stealth. If you do accidentally aggro one though, you can always run away and Shadowmeld, or fight them. I could kill one with minimal difficultly as feral. Head into Keristraza’z room, and make a right. The Elder is in the same room as Ormorok the Tree Shaper, and I could walk there stealthed with little problems. You just have to be very careful as there are tons of those little flowery mobs around.

Drak’Tharon Keep – Soloable with cloaking, and can be done on Normal. The Elder is in the same room as King Dred, the big T-Rex. There aren’t any mobs that can see through stealth, so all you have to worry about is not stepping on anyone’s toes. The only place that is tricky is the room with the spiders, because the babies run around at a very fast pace. Just take you time and figure out their path, and go when the coast is clear. You can get into the corner by the Elder and not aggro anything even when out of stealth.

Halls of Stone – Soloable with cloaking, and can be done on Normal. Make a right, and then a right again towards Krystallus. Again this is another one where you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your stealth, but there are little rock dudes who run around haphazardly to watch out for. You can unstealth without being seen if you back is up against the wall by the Elder.

Utgarde Keep – Soloable with cloaking, and can be done on Normal. This one takes a bit more than just cloaking to get through. You will need to have your Shadowmeld ready to go if you want to solo this. In order to move through the room with the flame walls you will need to aggro the Forge Masters. You can either root them, or simply faerie fire them so that they open up the flame walls. Do both in a row and run into the next hallway and Shadowmeld to leave combat. Once you are safe, pop back into kitty form and cloak your way to the Elder.

Utgarde Pinnacle – Need group but can be done on Normal. The Elder is after the boss with the harpoons, Skadi the Ruthless. He is down underneath a staircase. You need a group because you need to kill Skadi in order to open the door to get to the staircase.

Azjol-Nerub – Need group but can be done on Normal. The Elder is located between the second and last boss. You need a group because you have to kill the first and second bosses in order ot clear the way, but because it is a level 70 instance you do not need a full 5 people. After you drop down into the water after the second boss, you will see the Elder off to the side of the lake you land in.

Gundrak – Need group and has to be done on Heroic! This is the only one that has to be done on Heroic, so get your best friends together and go grab some badges. The reason this needs to be done on heroic is because the Elder is in the room with Eck, the big tongue dude. You can only get to Eck on Heroic mode.


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  2. Thank you very much for this excellent walkthrough. Thanks to you I managed to sneak through Nexus and Utgarde Keep to collect my last two Elders and my title last night 🙂

    I’ve also been helping various Guildies by referring to this guide as well.


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