So long Elders, there is a new Love in my life…

February 10, 2009

Say goodbye to the many Elders scattered across Azeroth; the Lunar Festival ends on Thursday, February 12th. The good news is if you are still interested in getting your Meta Achievement and your “Elder” title, you still have time if you get started with it right now (if you are already level 80). It took me about 14 hours from start to finish to get to all the Elders.

However, the even better news is that a new event starts tomorrow: Love is in the Air! Just with any other WoW Event, this one has plenty of Achievements that go along with. While this event doesn’t require you to traverse the globe, you will have to talk to the Innkeepers of Major cities every hour to get different items you will need to complete the various Achievements. One big downfall to this event is that it only last for six days, meaning that you better hope your Valentine decides to give you ample time to play WoW this weekend instead of a box of chocolates or a dozen red roses.

I will, as usual, have plenty of posts to come once I can dig my claws into this event. I am not overwhelmed with the desire to get the title “Kathoid, the Love Fool”, I still will head into this event full speed ahead so I can write up a helpful guide or two and spend some time on Valentine’s Day with my most favorite Rogue.

WoW Insider already has up a pretty in-depth article on the event, so if you plan on getting started right away I would read up now.

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