Love is in the Air!

February 13, 2009

And so we are are, in the midst of the very short “Love is in the Air” Holiday. The Event runs from February 11th to February 16th.


The majority of the Achievements for this event deal with the various items which you receive from the residents of Darnassus, Stormwind, and Ironforge in exchange for a “Love Token”. In order for them to have any interest in you, however, you have to be wearing their favorite perfume or cologne. The men, of course, are interested in perfumed people, and the ladies the cologned. There are a variety of presents you can get, ranging from Friendship Bracelets to a Bag of Candies. A useful tip regarding collecting presents is to make sure that you always have bag space! If you do not have empty space and try to do your big hourly present, you will not receive it, but will still get the hour Adored debuff. This Holiday has a ton of items, so if you can, dump a bunch of unneeded stuff in your bank before you embark.

There are fourteen Achievements for the event altogether, but luckily only twelve of them are required for the Meta Achievement “Fool For Love” which awards the title: “The Love Fool”. None of the achievements are exceptionally hard to complete, but you do have to hope that the RNGs of  WoW are on your side. You will have to be level 80, though, in order to complete the Meta Achieve as you will have to enter into Naxxramas.

Let’s get it on!:

Achievements from items:

HEARTMENDER – Unbreak my hearrrttttt, say you love me AGAAAIIINNN!!! Unbreak 20 other player’s hearts by giving them a friendship bracelet.

SHAFTED! – Shoot 10 players with a Silver Shafted Arrow. Bonus Tip! This is an exploit, so I’m not sure if this is something you can get banned for, but it will cut down your need for 10 arrows down to 1. Throwing the arrow has a cast bar, but the tally for the achievement goes up instantly. If you jump, move, or otherwise cancel the casting, you will not use your arrow, but will get it counted.

FLIRT WITH DISASTER – Step 1: Buy Booze. Lots of it. Step 2. Find Sraaz in IF. He pats around the inner circle of the city, near the flightmaster. Step 3: Put on some perfume. Step 4: Get “completely smashed”. Step 5: Throw rose petals on him. (They have to be petals, and not the petals from the off-hander.) Step 6: /Kiss him. Step 7: Wake up the next morning hung over and confused with many regrets.

THE ROCKET’S PINK GLARE – Shoot 10 rockets in 20 seconds or less. Make sure you have all 10 rockets before you begin and place the item on your action bar. When you use the item you will get a special cursor to place the item where you want, similarly to placing a Great Feast down. Hit the corresponding key and then click the ground repeatingly until you have fired all 10.

NATION OF ADORATION – Get a Gift of Adoration from Darnassus, Ironforge, and Stormwind. Note that this has to be a GIFT not a PLEDGE. Gifts of Adoration come from the civilians, not the guards, of the cities.

FISTFUL OF LOVE – Sprinkle a Handful of Roses on each of 10 unique race/class combinations. Fairly simple to do, until you realize that Troll Rogues and Undead Warriors don’t really exist (at least not often). I was able to get these two hard to find guys by going into the Horde Inn in Dalaran. (Don’t know how to get into the opposing factions Inn? I will discuss it in a future post.)

SWEET TOOTH – Eat four different tasty chocolates. They are contained within the boxes of chocolates that you receive from Gifts or Pledges of Adoration, or from handing in an Alliance Gift Collection to Peddlefeet. Most boxes I got contained all four flavors needed, but these boxes are not rare at all so this should not be very hard to get.

BE MINE! – Use a Bag of Candies to create each of the eight special candy hearts. Each bag will create ten candies, but it is random which one you will get, resulting in many repeats. This one is causing troubles for many people, but I managed to get five from my first bag, and the remaining three from my second bag. (My favorite is “Hot Lips”!)

I PITIED THE FOOL – Use the item “Love Fool” to summon one, and then /pity him. Pity the Love fool in five specific locations:

  • Wintergrasp: Can be anywhere in WG, whether a battle is taking place or not.
  • Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena: This is the arena in STV. You have to be on the floor of the arena, but it does not have to be during the fight for the chest.
  • Arathi Basin Blacksmith: You have join an AB BG for this, but nothing says you have to stay. If you rush right over to the Blacksmith, which is on the central island, you can complete this part of the achievement before you even need to look at a Horde.
  • The Culling of Stratholme: You can complete this on normal, but you do have to enter the instance. You can drop your Love Fool right inside the instance, no need to start it up. It is a level 75 instance.
  • Naxxramas: You need to be inside the Raid instance in order for this to work, even though the summoning area says it is part of Naxx. It is a level 80 Raid instance.

Achievements from special items:

LONELY? – When getting a Pledge or Gift of Adoration, there is a chance that it will drop a Romantic Picnic Basket. However you do not need to get a basket to complete this achievement. You have to be in Dalaran for this to count. If you see anyone set out a picnic in Dalaran, why not join them by clicking on the picnic basket? This will get you and them their achievement. If you set down your own basket, you will have to wait until someone comes and joins you for it to be counted.

MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED, RED ROSE – Obtain a Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses. The Red Roses are from previous years’ LiitA Holidays. To get a Bouquet of Ebon Roses, get a small group together and head over to Normal Utgarde Keep. The bouquet drops off of the first boss in there. He only drops one, so you will have to run out and reset it each time until everyone gets their Roses. They also drop in Normal HoS and Ahn’Kahet, but I like UK because you don’t need to kill too many mobs before you get to the boss.

LOVELY LUCK IS ON YOUR SIDE –  (Not needed for Meta) There is a chance that you will receive a Lovely Black Dress from a Gift or Pledge of Adoration. The fact that it is not part of the Meta makes me think it is a rare drop, but several people I know have gotten this item.

PERMA-PEDDLE(Not needed for Meta) There is a chance that you will receive a Truesilver Shafted Arrow from a Gift or Pledge of Adoration, which will teach you how to summon Peddlefeet, some sort of creepy goblin cupid dude. This is also not part of the Meta, but rightfully so, as it is the last thing I have yet to complete for the Holiday.

Other Achievements:

NEAREST AND DEAREST Complete the entire Love is in the Air questline. The quests start in SW and ends in the Hillsbrad Foothills neat Ravenholdt Manor. It is tough to explain how to get exactly to him, so check WoWHead for a useful map. Completing this will also let you pick a fancy outfit: a Blue, Purple, or Red Dinner Suit or a Lovely Blue, Purple, or Red Dress.


  1. This is a great guide! It was nice to see I Pitied the Fool written out with exactly where to go, I wasn’t quite clear. Thanks!

  2. A quick tip on the gifts of adoration. If the npc is in Stormwind but is an Ironforge questgiver, you will get that cities gift. This is a “what if”, as I run horde. On the horde side, there is a tauren or three running around in Orgrimmar that are Thunder Bluff natives, and in the cave on the side of the Spirit Rise of Thunder Bluff all the undead that hang out there are Undercity residents.

    It was fun seeing you at the dk shindig last night 🙂

  3. Yup, we have this too, Shawndra.

    The only place I have seen this is in IF there is a SW civilian. He gave me bread instead of homebrew, which confused me for a few seconds until I realized why.

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