Love is in the Air – Updates

February 15, 2009

Hope you are all well on your way to your Love Fool titles. On Saturday, Blizzard added a small Hotfix to the Love is in the Air event to “fix” a few things.

RED ROSES – A Bouquet of Red Roses now has a chance to drop off of any boss that also drops the Bouquet of Ebon Roses. I am not sure if these Red Roses will work with the Achievements “Fistful of Love” and “Flirt with Disaster”. (If anyone can confirm or deny, please let me know. ^^ )

BAG OF CANDIES – The drop rate of Bag of Candies was upped, and I would say by quite a bit. I was fortunately able to get my bags of candies, and title, prior to the hotfix. Since then I have gotten four bags of candy in my quest to get Peddlefeet. (Alas, still no luck on that little bugger…)

SILVER SHAFTED ARROWS – This is an undocumented change, because, well, it probably wasn’t something Blizzard wanted to mention was wrong in the first place. My secret “exploit” of how to use them without using them is no longer worked because all the arrows are now insta-cast, removing any chance from get the achievement on easy mode. Don’t fret, these things still drop a ton for me so it shouldn’t set you back too much.

Love is in the Air ends on Monday, February the 16th, so get out there and share you love if you still want a chance at the title!

One comment

  1. The red bouquet does work like fistfuls of petals for purposes of the two achievements requiring them. The ebon bouquet does not.

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