Sixth Screenshot

February 23, 2009

It’s been making its way around the WoW Blogosphere, and now it is my turn! The rules are simple; just post the sixth screenshot from your WoW screenshot folder.

As I have been playing WoW for years, I had hundreds, if not thousands, of screenshots. Unfortunately, at the end of last year my hard drive crashed and I lost all my data, including screenshots. So while this isn’t the sixth shot I’ve ever taken, it is what I’ve got.


And it is Leviathan’s First 10 man Sapphiron Kill! My, my, how things have changed since then!

I think I will also copy Shawndra’s idea over on wishfullthought.blogspot.com of showing the sixth image from other locations. This is the sixth image from my image folder here on my WordPress blog.


Me in my fabulous Tier 4 showing off my Hippogryph!

If you would also like to participate in this little WoW blog meme, just show off your sixth screenshot! It’s as easy as that!

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