PTR – Yes!

February 25, 2009

Yes! After days of trying to log in and copy a character over to the PTR, I have finally succeeded! My druid is being copied over as I type this to the PvE PTR realm “Broxigar”. I am downloading the client now, which is probably something I should have started a while ago.

A few tips if you too are trying to get a character copied onto the PTRs:

If you use an authenticator to log in to WoW, you need your authenticator to log into your online WoW Account. I didn’t know this until the other day when I heard copies were up and tried to log in at work.

Try to copy at night! I finally got lucky at a little before 2am. I figured one last shot after tonight’s raid couldn’t hurt, and it certainly paid off!

Good Luck with your character copies, and I hope to see you on the PTRs!

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