Sick Kitty

March 1, 2009


I have been a sick little kitty for the past few weeks on and off, dealing with this stinky cold I seem to get every Winter. I seem to be mostly over it, though – and hope to get all caught up with reading the constantly changing PTR Patch notes, and actually get in a raid or two in Ulduar soon. Once I can sift through all my thoughts and put something cohesive together, I will get back to posting. Promise!

In between cups of tea and boxes of tissues I have gotten a lot of raiding done the past week or so, too (since that is one thing I can do comfortably in my pajamas) – so I have some more thoughts on that to share as well.

Hope everyone else is fairing better. Spring is just around the corner now (I hope!).

More coming soon!


  1. get well soon 8)

  2. Aw! Feel better soon!

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