March Madness

March 24, 2009


I have been a bad, bad blogger and I know it – but this March has been rough for me. There’s been a lot going on for me both in the game and in real life. I’ve been so overwhelmed with things going on that I’ve kinda pushed this blog onto the back burner. I have tons of ideas for posts, and I’ve started writing some, but I keep running out of steam or hitting some major writers block.

I have checked out the PTR some – unfortunately I haven’t raided Ulduar yet, but I have been inside it empty and the place is beautiful and huge. I’ve also played around with creating what will be my 3.1 Spec, so long as Blizz doesn’t do a massive change of things again for Ferals. Primal Gore, which grants periodic damage from Rake, Lacerate, Rip the chance to crit, is awesome and I think will help bump up our overall DPS numbers. The change to Improved Mark of the Wild which now increases all attributes by 2% is a welcome change for myself, as I have picked up the talent because I often end up being the only druid in 10 mans, and want my group to have the best buffs possible. I have also been checking out MMO-Champion daily to look over the Feral changes, new gear, and new weapons. (I hope to have a post up soon with more 3.1 data.)

Two things are apparent about the above picture. One is that I have been doing a lot of quests, the other is that I am guild less. I got my “Seeker” title a few weeks ago, without even realizing I was that close to completing 3,000 quests. I have done many more since then, as I am working on getting the “Loremaster” achievements and title. (I have roughly 200 quests left to go). I have been working on achievements hard core this past week because I’m not raiding, because of the guild less thing.

I left my guild <Leviathan> about a week ago because I wasn’t happy with the direction the guild was taking. Being that I was basically a Co-GM type of Officer, it was kind of a big deal to all the guild members. The other officers who were same rank as me were starting to miss the point on a lot of things I thought were major points on how to run a guild. They have this idea that in a serious Raiding Guild there is no place for “nice”. I wholeheartedly disagree. I think that there needs to be a balance of tough and nice, strict and respectful. They are fine with being assholes to everyone from fellow Officers to Trial ranks. I am of the mindset that the name over my head says a lot of me, and if I can’t stand behind my guild I can’t be in it. So I left. They just assume I will come back even though the officers are not really acknowledging the problems, and are not wanting to do anything about them.

So am I LFG? Maybe? I don’t know if I want to transfer to a new server. But for the record:  Alliance Feral DPS Druid seeks highly ranked Raiding Guild. 3.5K DPS, 5K Achievement Points. Have downed all bosses Normal and Heroic. Downed Sarth 2D. Highest ranked Alliance Feral Druid on Dalvengyr according to WoW-Heroes. Raids after 8PM EST. Prefer guild with other female raiders, no annoying teen players, and room for advancement.

I have a lot of new posts in the works. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things here soon. Thanks for the continued readership.


  1. If you’re busy, I suggest maybe handing over one of your “to do” topics to a guest writer (providing it’s not a topic you’re really looking forward to doing yourself!).

    Helps to keep things rolling while you’re busy for a little while 🙂

  2. Hmmm, a guest poster. I guess I never thought of that. 🙂

  3. I think Keeva just applied for guest posting *hides*

  4. If your LFG feel free to check out Harmony on Terokkar. Alliance side, semi hardcore, adult only. We’ve been together for two years now, downed everything except Sarth 3D, run heroics all the time. I think we are #3 on Ally side, #10 on the server. Very active and friendly, you would be welcome. I’m not the recruiting officer but I’ll put in a good word for you anytime. Love the blog btw, it’s one of the ones I check daily.

  5. Welcome back to the bloggsphere!!
    Just to say gz on the quests!

    As for the the main point of leaving your old guild, i whole heatedly agree with your viewpoint and the stand that you have chosen to take. It was a brave move and deserves a /salute

    I would seriously consider leaving the server to join a new guild so that it would be a clean break. Now that we can make DKs on any server it means that you can try out guilds before you commit to moving.

    GL and keep up with the posts 8) a few druid posters have left us now. Resto 4 life is having a baby, Kalon @ ThinkTank has just had a baby and is scaling down and lazy bear musings (though never all that great) is closing too. So even if you just aren’t sure what to write let us all know your adventures trying to find a new guild! 8)

  6. Sorry to hear about you leaving your guild, but I agree with and support your decision. Although I left my guild for numerous reasons, one of those reasons was because I didn’t agree with the disrespectful leading approach that was creeping into our raids.

    Serious raiding guilds can be professional and nice. Nice doesn’t mean pushover.

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