10K Crits and Earth Hour

March 27, 2009

Ah! I have been crit for 10K! Fortunately, its a good kind of crit. Some time in my sleep last night this little bitty Druid Kitty blog hit 10,000 views! For a blog that not so long ago only got 5 hits a day, this is pretty awesome. Thank you, thank you, for everyone who keeps coming to the site to read what I have to say. 🙂


Earth Hour is coming up this Saturday, March 28th. What is Earth Hour, you say?

Earth Hour is an international event organised by the WWF and held on the last Saturday of March each year, which asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. (Wiki)

How do you participate? Well, it couldn’t be simpler. At 8:30 PM local time just shut off all the lights in your house, and leave them off for one full hour. Anyone anywhere in the world can join in – and this year the WWF is hoping to have 1 Billion people participate.

Why do this? While shutting off the lights for one hour may not save the world nor stop Global Warming, it does show us the difference we can make by just making a few simple changes. It is a simple way you can help send a huge message: that we support and love our Earth.

Remember that we can’t build our own Exodar spaceship and we can’t just teleport to Outland or any other planet when the going gets tough. We only have one Earth, and making a few small changes is enough to help keep it healthy for generations to come.

Why do I care? I do play a Druid after all.  WoW may be my hobby, but being Eco-Friendly is part of my life style. I’m a vegetarian that eats Organic when ever possible. I buy local food via our local Farmer’s Markets. I shut off the lights whenever I leave a room and use CFL bulbs. I clean my home with natural cleaning products and use natural health and body products. Druids are very in touch with their natural surroundings in WoW, and I feel that way in my own life, too. And if I can pass on the message of Earth Hour to just one person through this blog, than it makes it all worth while.

So what can you do once you turn the lights off? (Or really, can you still play WoW?) Yes!! You can still play WoW, (unless you play on a light bulb?), just try to shut off as many lights in your house as possible. If you do decide to WoW it up during Earth Hour, here are a few things you can do to lower your power consumption, and your energy bill in the process!:

  • Remember that a CRT Monitor takes up way more energy than an LCD Monitor does, so if you can, use an LCD for the night. LCDs on average use half to two thirds less energy than CRTs. If you are in the market for a new Monitor, look for one that is Energy-Star rated or is “Halogen-Reduced” (like the Dell Ultra Sharp 2009W) that avoids the use of Halogen in its parts.
  • If you have a dual-monitor set-up, just turn one off for the night. Sure it can up your productivity to have two, but you will survive for one hour (or more!).
  • A laptop takes even less energy than a desktop, so if you have one that can run WoW, unplug it and use it to cut down on your energy consumption.
  • Use a headset! A headset uses less energy than a big speaker system, so turn off the speakers, put on a headset, and get into your WoW zone. I love playing with a headset because I get more into the game, and Northrend has such beautiful music you can enjoy while you play!
  • Use a wired mouse! Wireless mice require batteries, which add a lot more garbage to landfills because people seldom recycle them properly. If you do decide to use a wireless mouse, use rechargeable batteries. It cuts down on waste and also saves you money in the long run. I personally prefer wired mice over wireless because they have a faster response time and are much more accurate for gaming.
  • Turn off other electronics and appliances you don’t need while you play WoW. You don’t really need to have that TV or Radio on while you play. You will be more focused on your game and save a little energy while you are at it.

Last year I participated in Earth Hour by shutting off the lights in my house. This year I plan to shut off all the lights, the TV, and the computers and do something that doesn’t require any energy at all.

If you also decide to log off of WoW and shut down, there is plenty to do.  Many major cities around the globe also have events going on for Earth Hour (mine, unfortunately, does not), so check out the happenings in your own city. You can also check out this list from U.S. News and World Report for some ideas on what to do once the lights are out.

Still want to stay connected to the world during Earth Hour? You can use Twitter.com on your mobile phone or on your iPod Touch – and you can follow Earth Hour here!

For more information and to sign up to participate in Earth Hour, please visit their official website.

I thank you all again for helping me reach 10,000+ blog views. If you plan on participating in Earth Hour, please feel free to comment below and tell me what you will be up to!


  1. Rechargeable batteries can also be recycled after they can’t hold a charge (2-5 years, charged up to 1,000 times). Visit http://www.call2recycle.org to find a drop off site in your neighborhood.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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  4. Nice post!! hope to definitely come back soon

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