March goes out like a … Lion?

March 31, 2009

Lately, I have been asked about how to level a Feral Druid: “how should I spend talent points” and “how do I select leveling gear”, etc. The truth of the matter is that it has been more than two and a half years since I created Kathoid the Night Elf Feral Druid. It took me quite a few months to level her up to 70, the hit cap of the time. I believe I was about level 55 when Burning Crusade came out, and I took my time going through Outland. I in no way tried to speed level; just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed questing.

So when people ask me about leveling a Feral Druid, I feel almost clueless. It has been so long, and so many things have changed since then, that I have decided to do some “research” in the field, or as it were, fields of Mulgore.

And so here she is, my beautiful, hooved test subject: Kathoid the Tauren Druid!! (At an impressive level 5!)


I don’t generally like to talk about Alts when they are so young, but leveling her will be an experience I want to share with all of you. And I know my naming of characters is hardly original, but I chose it so some old friends from my Alliance server (Dalvengyr) would find me on my new Hordey Server (Tichondrius). I have leveled a Tauren to about level 15 or so, but have never really stuck with it. This time I’m really going to put in an effort. And with such little raiding going on pre-Ulduar, and Spring still not quite here in Upstate NY, I think I should have enough time to dedicate to leveling her up.

I’m really looking forward to getting to see how the other half of druids live. I’ve always loved Tauren so playing one will be a lot of fun! (I should also note that this will be my first Horde character I really plan to level!)

I will try to give weekly updates on my progress with her, and discuss what type of Gear to be looking for, and where those first few talent points are best spent.


  1. mwahaha, i will outlevel you by cheating! Death knight ftw

  2. Enjoy your leveling!

    I would reccomend spending the first 11 points getting to Omen Of Clarity. It will really help when you get kitty at 20 and will give a bonus 10% to ap and that 100 % chance to get energy / rage when you form change!

    Once you hit 40 re-spec to get mangle. Then start building up to get omen back!

    After that its all fun and games.. Good luck in your adventures 8)

  3. I leveled two ferals. One in vanilla, and the other one end of BC (I was 55 when LK came out). My last one didn’t start leveling with the new LK tree and the new furor mecanics.

    Usually I didn’t like to go resto first, I rushed the +30% speed first (available at 21).
    But seeing how furor now works, means whatever you do between two kills : unmorph+heal, check the loot, empty your bag; you are sure to start the next mob with 100 energy. Plus the +10% physical above is very nice. But the -5 rage/energy from the feral tree is excellent. And seeing that mounts are available at 30 now, might be interesting to go resto early : maybe 5 feral, then go 11 resto, and come back feral.

    On the 6-10 of the feral tree, nothing uber. Either pick the improved stealth for those rare quests where you want to pass by the guards unseen, or traverse areas of dangerous mobs to pick a fly point or so, or pick the +10% armor. But I will always pick the +1s stun, not to get that longer pounce, but rather to be able to bear>bash>regrowth>bear, with no risk being hit while in caster.

    Then speed boost (and 4% dodge bonus), 6% crit, double combo on crit are no brainers. Heart of the Wild for sure too. +5% crit from Leader of the Pack, and the Improved is not that bad at all. The auto-heal will greatly help you survive, and the fact it regens mana might also come in handy.

    As soon as you get the level to pick mangle, do so (and that mean respec if you went the resto route). While you were stealthing, pouncing, shreding, and clawing your way before, I suddenly turn into a front-dps machine : run towards your target, (if not a caster/archer) pull it with FF, mangle them to death. Stealthing up to your opponent is slow, and if the opponent moves chance are that you have to reposition, sprint to her, etc. Use stealth when you need to, else pull them to you.

    Rend and Tear is nice, I also tried to couple it with +15% feral agression. But I found out that I had usually 3 combo on the target when it was time to finish her. So in the end, I used to finish them off simply with mangle. So only you get mangle (and improved mangle for energy reduction), you don’t need to target berserk or rend and tear. Go resto up to OOC. Then you are set. the rest is only about spending the talents because you have them :).

    At 70+ you might want to go instance, so the filler talent points should go to bear (-12% damage, +10% armor). Even if you don’t like tanking, finding a tank AND a healer is just a pain 😦 (or have a dual spec feral leveling, and resto instance healing).

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