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April 1, 2009

UPDATE: I have found my new guild: “No Vacancy” on the Drenden-PvE US Server!

Alliance Night Elf Feral DPS Druid “Kathoid” seeks an established, serious, professional, highly ranked Raiding Guild for an immediate raiding position.

My Armory

According to WoW Heroes, for Dalvengyr-US, ranked by gear score :

  • #1 Alliance Feral Druid
  • #2 Feral Druid Overall
  • #3 Druid Overall
  • #23 Character on Dalvengyr Overall

I do approx 3.5K DPS in raids, but it fluctuates depending on the boss. I also tend to be a little bit lower if I am Raid Leading. I have raided all current WotLK content on Normal and Heroic Modes, and Hard Mode Sarth 1D and 2D. I have lead raids in Naxx 10, and have been Loot Master on many occasions in all raids. I have also raided much of the Old World and BC raids. I am on the PTR but I have not raided Ulduar, but am more than willing to.

I have Off Tanked in Naxx 10 and in some instances. While I plan to make tanking my other spec when Dual-Specs arrive, I have absolutely no intentions of tanking in raids, so please do not ask me to join your guild to be a tank. I tank in a pinch, and like to keep it that way.

Ideally I would like to join a guild that has room for advancement. I have been a Guild Master of a small leveling guild and an Officer in every guild I have raided with and I feel confident in my abilities to be a honest and fair Officer. I have also created and maintained several guild websites.

I would prefer a guild that has other female Raiders and has a more mature age range (20s+). I am respectful to all other guild members and expect the same of them. I would prefer a guild that uses Loot Council to one that uses DKP or similar points system for loot. Yes, I am a female gamer – and if you have a problem with that I do not want to join your guild.

I work until 8pm EST three nights a week, so raid times must be approximately 8:30 PM EST. I don’t mind raiding several nights a week, but do not want to raid more than 5 nights a week. 3 nights is ideal, but I understand that it is to be more likely to raid 4-5 nights once Ulduar is released.

Please note that I am on a US Realm. I am also currently on a PvP realm, and prefer staying on a PvP realm, but would also be interested in moving to a PvE realm if the right opportunity came up. I do not care what time zone the Realm is in, so long as I can meet your raid times.

If you are interested in me, or know a guild that is looking for a Feral DPS Druid, please send me an email at: druidkitty AT gmail DOT com.

One comment

  1. Hi Kathoid, I also am an Alliance Druid. I’m on the Arygos realm. 3.5k DPS is pretty amazing and I was wondering if you’ve went over your rotation, techniques, etc in a past entry. I am new to you blog and find it very entertaining! 🙂

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