Leap of Faith

April 9, 2009


The other night I did something I never thought I would do: After more than two and a half years of calling the Dalvengyr server home, I have uprooted my entire Druid life and transferred to my new home: Drenden.

Yes, I had been actively looking for a new guild, and therefore a new server, but somehow in my heart I still believed that “Leviathan” and it’s leaders would snap out of it and realize how idiotic they were being and truly accept me back into the mix, listening to all my ideas on how to bring the guild to greatness. After all, I helped formed the guild, helped recruit members, created the guild’s website, and helped teach many of the fights to new members. I did a lot more than that too; I became friends with many of the members on what I thought was a deeper level than just raiders and guildies.

I really truly cared about these people, about the guild, and about progressing with them into Ulduar. They felt differently. And after the last straw fell there was too much broken to ever repair. So I quickly said my goodbyes to the people I will miss the most, signed off for the last time, and paid for what I hope will be my only server transfer ever. Even though I felt very confident in my decision to leave Dalvengyr, I still feel that it was done too hastily and I should have done more research into my destination realm.

I really like to think things through, but I followed my gut and my heart on this one.

And I don’t regret it one bit.

Once I arrived intact on Drenden, there was a guild ready there to catch me: “No Vacancy”. I know the Guild Leader, Kreeoni, from both his Twitter and his Blog. As a fellow Feral Druid, albeit a Bear, I knew he would be understanding and accepting of a Feral DPS Druid. In fact, he was actually the one who sought me out and recruited me. On Dalvengyr no one really understands a Feral DPS Druid nor wants one in their guild. Here, I don’t feel so out of place or that I need to explain my existence. Here in this Guild I feel accepted and appreciated even after just a few days, something that took years to feel on my old server.

I thought the hardest part of this whole transition would be leaving all the people I thought were my friends behind. But even with only one person on my friends list I don’t feel so alone here. Nobody knows my past here, so I get to write my own future without all the drama and baggage that Dalvengyr had.

Are you on Drenden? Please let me know!! My name is, of course, “Kathoid” and I would love to add some new people to my friends list!


  1. Welcome to Drenden! We are happy to have you!! And I am extremely happy to have another feral showing up all those haughty dps! (especially one that doesn’t want to tank and steal my bear thunder). πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome to your new server, Kathoid!

    I don’t play there, but I’m glad you’re happy so far. πŸ™‚

  3. I did something similar last year – best decision I made!
    I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself in your new home. πŸ™‚

  4. Dalvengyr was my home server that I leveled my first two 70’s on. After leveling a Lock on ‘Stormreaver’ I have since tranferred my remaining toons over. It was hard to leave, but, looking back I have no regrets. If your new server has a high population I think you’ll laugh two months from now when you log an alt on Dalvengyr. That place is a fricken ghost town compared to Stormreaver.

  5. Wow, the blogger per population ratio of drenden is going through the roof!

    Welcome aboard!

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