Baby Druid Update!

April 23, 2009


I haven’t been able to put as much time into my Baby Tauren Druid as I had thought I would, due to raiding and patch 3.1 related activities. But today I finally sat down and set out to accomplish the first big task as a Feral Druid: Bear Form!

I waited until I was level 12 until I set out to do the quest, mostly because I was in the middle of a bunch of quests that I wanted to complete before heading off to Thunder Bluff for the first time. The city is beautiful and wonderfully detailed, but I still get completely lost when trying to navigate it. I’m sure I felt the same about Darnassus upon my first visit, so I think it will just take some time to remember where everything is.

This is how I have spent my talent points so far:

  1. Level 10 – Resto – Improved Mark of the Wild, Rank 1/2
  2. Level 11 – Resto – Improved Mark of the Wild, Rank 2/2
  3. Level 12 – Feral – Ferocity, Rank 1/5

I think once I ding level 20 and get Cat Form I will respec my talent points around some. At level 12, I’m not sure if it really matters where you spend your points, so long as you keep in mind that you will have a few respecs down the road.

I’m taking a break for a little bit on my Cow Druid for a bit now, seeing as I have a raid this evening, and it supposed to be an absolutely beautiful weekend here.

So I leave you with this question about Tauren. If I’m a lady cow, how come my Bear Form has a beard?


  1. Funny, and gratz off course!

    I restarted yesterday with a mate of mine. The only classes I havent leveled to 70 or beyond was Druid and a Warrior, and I picked Druid, Tauren Male. We got to level 5 yesterday and we are going to level at a relaxing pace and enjoying the good old, old world content.

    Fun to see another person taking the same route. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I would say that getting to omen of clarity is the first thing to do. You get Improved MOW, 60% to get rage / energy. Increased AP and clearcasting. Then start putting stuff into the ferral tree.

    Once you hit 40 respec fully into ferral to get mangle and then start building to Omen again.

    Thats how i would go anyways! 8) Happy adventuring

  3. Thanks for the advice. I believe I read something like that elsewhere on the intarweb as well, so I guess that is the way to go when leveling a Druid.

    And it makes sense as well! 🙂

  4. Your cow-druid cat form will have a beard as well!

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