Hop to it! It’s Noblegarden!

April 26, 2009


Thanks for hopping on over to come celebrate the great Feast of Noblegarden with me! The meaning of the Holiday goes way beyond just collecting beautifully decorated eggs and eating chocolate (although I really do love that part); it is a time to come together as a community and share the joys of life and friendship. The event runs from Sunday, April 26th until Saturday, May 2nd.

Ok, ok. I know why you are all really here… it’s for the Achievements! Noblegarden is just another stop on this Long, Strange Trip to get our coveted Violet Proto-Drakes. I had a fairly easy time checking each achievement off the list, but I got an early start and kept on hunting until I got the last egg and the last achievement early this morning. It took me about four hours total, and I probably could have done it in less time – but I think that now it may take longer depending on how populated your server is and what times of the day or night you decide to start your egg hunt.

Timing isn’t everything, but it could certainly make this Holiday and its many achievements a little more enjoyable if you pick an off-peak time to work on it. Weekends, of course, will be busy no matter the time of day. My best bets would be late at night, in the mornings, and during times when most people are raiding. Look high and low for eggs! Sometimes they are hidden under benches, and sometimes they are on top of torches!

Where to? The Noblegarden festivities are going on in starting areas, in the small towns situated outside of the major cities. For Alliance, you can head to to Dolanaar, Azure Watch, Kharanos, or Goldshire. For Hordies, you can head to Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Falconwing Square, or Razor Hill. Once at your chosen location, you will find two quest givers with two simple quests. Make sure you pick up both quests before you start, because you can complete them simultaneously.

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket: Picking up this quest will give you a useful item that will help you complete the quests and achievements faster: an Egg Basket. This item makes you run faster for 10 seconds, with a 10 second cooldown. (You can only use it in the towns where there are eggs, during Noblegarden, so unfortunately you can’t use this to cap flags like woah in BGs.) For this quest, all you have to do is open up 10 eggs. Each Brightly Colored Egg will either give you Noblegarden Chocolate or a special prize. You need to hand in 10 of these Chocolates, and then you get to keep your Egg Basket!

The Great Egg Hunt: For this quest, all you need to do is open up eggs and receive 20 Brightly Colored Shell Fragments, which will drop from all the eggs you pick while you have this quest. This quest is also a daily quest, so if you decide to spread your festivities out over a few days you can have something extra to do, if you choose.. As a reward for this quest, you will receive a Blossoming Branch. Hang onto this, you will need it for an achievement later!

Now that you have gotten a hang of collecting Brightly Colored Eggs, its time to look over all the achievements needed for the Meta Achievement: Noble Gardener! You will need to open a lot of eggs to get all these achievements completed, on some counts about 350 or so. It’s not so much the chocolates that you are looking for, although you will need those, but the other special prizes they contain.


I Found One! – Find an egg! You already have one done, go you!

Chocoholic – Eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolates during Noblegarden. During this you will also complete Chocolate Lover (to eat 25).Yay Achievement points!

Spring Fling – Find your pet Spring Rabbit another one to “love” in each of the four towns where your faction is celebrating Noblegarden. There are two ways to get your bunny, and it doesn’t matter to the achievement Gods which one you choose. You can either farm eggs endlessly until you get one to drop, or you can farm 100 eggs and buy it from the vendor. In the course of getting all my eggs I actually got two bunnies. My first was less than a half hour into egg hunting. All you have to do to have your bunny “fall in love” is have him out, he will make quick work of everything else on his own.

Noble Garden – While you are passing through Stormwind, on your way to Goldshire, make sure you complete this one. You have to place a Brightly Colored Egg down in Stormwind. You can buy these eggs from the Noblegarden Vendors for 5 chocolates. Don’t forget to open up your own egg once you drop it down. I’ve heard of people getting something they needed from their own eggs. They have the same chances to drop items as regular eggs.

Shake Your Bunny-Maker – Using Spring Flowers, you have to place bunny ears on female characters of at least level 18 of each race. While you are running around getting the Spring Fling achievement, keep your eyes out for the rarer females of your own faction, like Female Dwarves. For your opposite faction, Dalaran seems to work very well. You can sit outside their part of the city and hope one will pass on by. The hardest for me to find were Troll and Orc females. Someone also mentioned to me that you could do this in a Battleground as well. You can get your Spring Flowers the same way as your bunny; either from egg drops, or by purchasing them from the vendor for 50 Chocolates.

Blushing Bride – While you are wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants, kiss someone who is wearing an Elegant Dress. All these clothing items drop from eggs, can be purchased from the Noblegarden vendor, or can be traded because they aren’t soulbound. There are also achievements Sunday’s Finest and Dressed for the Occasion for getting these items from the eggs, although these achievements are not needed to complete the Meta Achievement.

These next two require some traveling, so grab a traveling buddy, because you’ll need a friend for the first one.

Hard Boiled –  Lay an egg in Un’Goro Crater’s Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit. To become a rabbit, you need a friend with a Blossoming Branch. Remember that from earlier, and how I told you to hang onto it? Here’s where it comes into play. Un’Goro is pretty far away from everything else it seems at first glance. But here is my great tip on how to get there faster, for level 80s. Have you and your traveling buddy go to Sholozar Basin. There is a portal in the southern part of the Basin that will take you to Un’Goro. Switch into cat form to lessen your fall damage, or use slowfall or the like, and jump your way down into the Crater. Once you get to the Hot Spring, on the western side, cast your Blossoming Branch on your friend, and have them do the same for you. Once you are a bunny, just wait until you “lay an egg”, and you’ve got the achievement. Now, head up to the flight path before you think of pressing on your hearthstone.

Desert Rose – Use Spring Robes to plant a flower in each of these deserts: The Badlands, Desolace, Silithus, Tanaris, and Thousand Needles. You can get the Robes from eggs or from the vendor. This is the one thing I didn’t have drop for me, so I spent the required 50 Chocolates to pick it up.

  1. Now after you have completed “Hard Boiled” in Un’Goro, take the flightpath to Tanaris.
  2. Once you have landed, put on your robes, and use the item to plant a flower anywhere in Tanaris.
  3. Mount up and ride North into Thousand Needles, then again plant a flower wherever you want. Ride South back to the flightpath in Tanaris.
  4. Take the flightpath to Silithus. Plant flower.
  5. Take the flightpath up to Desolace. Plant another flower.
  6. Take the flightpath to Theramore, hop the boat to Menethil Harbor.
  7. Once you are off the boat, take the flightpath over to Loch Modan, mount up and ride down to the Badlands!
  8. You’re done!

Some extra tips for Egg Hunting:

  • Yes, people will be camping spawn spots. Be respectful.
  • You don’t need to camp a spot to get all your eggs. I got most of mine running around.
  • As a Druid, using your Egg Basket isn’t necessary if you just switch into your seldom used Cheetah form instead. Using the basket for the speed boost while in Cheetah form made me run way too fast and I missed a bunch of eggs.
  • If someone takes “your egg”, don’t QQ. They respawn really fast, and it really isn’t anyone’s egg until it is in their bag.
  • If the town you are in is overrun, head to another one.
  • Noblegarden is supposed to be about being a community and cherishing love and friendship! Don’t be a jerk!


Happy Feast of Noblegarden!

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