Children’s Week

May 3, 2009


The worst part of Noblegarden being pushed back this year was that it has overlapped with our current holiday, Children’s Week. I have decided not to write up my usual blog post regarding the holiday and it’s many achievements. This is due to a few factors, most being burnt out from the last holiday grind just a few days ago.

I am also embarking on a new project very soon, and have been preparing for that a great deal. I will have more information on my new project very soon.

For information on Children’s Week and its achievements, check out these websites:

Goodluck with the achievements!


  1. The holiday schedule on the whole seems to be getting a bit to crowded. Though it is nice that Blizzard is continually fleshing out the holiday lineup it seems as if there is little time these days spent doing anything other than chasing holiday achievements.

  2. Nice screenshot. 😀

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