An Update for June

June 17, 2009


I know I have recently fallen back into being a lazy blogger and neglecting this blog some, but I certainly have not been neglecting World of Warcraft. After being on raiding hiatus for over a month, I’m back into the swing of things here on Khadgar-US raiding with my new guild <Concedo Nulli>.

Last week was our first week raiding together as a guild, and we cleared 10 man Naxxramas in about 3 hours, OS +1, Malygos, and both bosses in Vault of Archavon, as well as jumped into 10 man Ulduar and downed 4 bosses and smacked around a 5th who most people had never seen before. We are growing very fast as a guild and I am hopefully we will step foot into 25s in just a few more weeks.

Like any new guild, we are of course short in a few departments. We have absolutely no Ranged DPS currently, and only have Shaman Healers. We are looking to buff up our numbers and are currently recruiting to fill up our rosters before we embark into 25 man raids:

<Concedo Nulli> means “never back down”. We are a raiding guild located on the Khadgar-US server, and are recruiting to rebuild our 25 man raiding team.

Our founding members are highly knowledgeable, skilled players from other servers who came together to create an exceptional new guild – where building a strong core raid team is just as important as progressing through content.

Both new and seasoned raiders of ALL CLASSES AND SPECS are welcomed to apply. Raid experience and gear are preferred; a strong drive and desire to be in a successful raiding guild, and a deep understanding of your class and game mechanics are a must. Must be a team player.

Currently, we have a VERY high need for RANGED DPS and non-shaman HEALERS. However, we are not full on most classes and welcome all applicants.

Our 10 mans are currently scheduled for 11:45pm-3:00am EST, Monday – Thursday. Our 25 man raids will be similarly scheduled.

Please visit our website at: http://www.concedo-nulli.com to fill out an application, or speak to one of our officers in game on the Khadgar-US Server: Kreeoni, Kathoid, Tracerec, Thespia, or Sahne.

As you can see, I am an officer in this guild, which is great because I have so sorely missed being one. I am also in charge of recruiting, so if you decide to apply to our fantastic guild, please mention me on your app! Also of note, is the fact that our Guild Leader is Kreeoni, who you probably know from my last post on Druid Glyphs that he co-wrote with me, and also from his Twitter and his Blog. As a guild we are pretty active on Twitter, and have had many Tweeters reroll new characters just to join in on the fun!

– – –

I have also finally broken down and purchased Dual-Specs and decided to go Resto instead of bear! I haven’t played around with healing, but I have certainly done alot of my favorite thing in Tree form: /DANCE!


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