Back in the saddle…

January 8, 2010

After a much longer than necessary break from World of Warcraft, and many months with my WoW account collecting dust on the back shelves of some Blizzard warehouse for inactive players, I have finally decided that enough time away was enough and I reactivated my account to check out all these new changes and additions our most beloved Azeroth has seen in recent months.

While it seems that not much has changed for we feline ferals (other than the addition of tons of new gear upgrades that I have yet to make sorts of), there is a lot of new stuff for me to take in; ICC and all the related instances and raids, the new LFG tool, the new rolling systems for loot, the new quest tracker stuff, and other additions make it feel like I’m playing a whole different game.I have a lot to take in and a lot to get used to it seems. I’m also dealing with the shock of being called “undergeared” for the first time since I started raiding back in the days of Kara. (On a side not: I hate this Gear Score addon and what is has done to our servers.)

Regarding guilds, I have gone through so much drama that I would rather not rehash in this post – but I am happily back at home in <Concedo Nulli> on the Khadgar-US realm. Due to some server transfers, I had to change my name, because I stupidly made an alt that I semi leveled with my original name, so my main’s name is now “Katharya“, which is still taking some getting used to.

Anyhow, what have I been up to, you may ask? Well, I am pretty much settled into my new digs, although I am still surrounded by the boxes that seem to haunt anyone who has recently (or not so recently) moved knows as all too familiar. Since my move I have met and fell completely head over heels in love with the most amazing guy I have ever met and we are now engaged; while he isn’t much of a WoW player, he is at least supportive of my love for the game, although I’m sure he much rather me spend the time with him and not with my druid and my guild. But he did do Recruit-A-Friend which gained me the lovely Zhevra mouth you see above.

Ok, well now you know I’m back! And I’m off to do the new heroics!


  1. good to have you back, need more druidic blogs

  2. Welcome back! I understand the problem of not blogging when you don’t play the game you blog about! Have fun with the new LFG tool.

    And, congrats on the engagement!

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