Happy Winter’s Veil!

December 24, 2010

(click for full view)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday season!


I’m still about in Azeroth, and recently reached level 85 on my druid on Khadgar(US). I haven’t done many instances yet, and no heroics, and certainly no raiding, but I’m really enjoying all the new content; the zones, the quests, and of course, the new races! I played a Worgen, druid of course, through the starting zone and a bit further and am really enjoying their story line. When I get more time, I will delve into that character a bit more.

Me, personally, I have just finished up my first semester back at college in too many years to name, and working two part time jobs. That right there should sum up the reason I haven’t done too much to revive this blog – but I am still here and I am still playing! I hope to have new content up soon – but I’m not sure how much I will get done before school starts back up in less than a month!


I hope everyone has a super awesome Winter’s Veil and that Great Father Winter brings you all that epic loot that you wished for! And, remember, my old Winter’s Veil guides are still up here if you need help with all your achievements! They may be a tad bit outdated, but hopefully still good!


May Elune light your path!




  1. Hi Kath….Woot! *waves* Gratz on the camel…but I’m afraid we won’t let you leave. Didn’t you read the fine print on the guild advertisement? 😛

  2. /poke! its allmost summer now 🙂

  3. Heya, just stumbled upon here, nice site! Just wish you a merry christmas and peace on azeroth! =) I will also add you in my blog roll to read about! nice drawings here did you create all those?

  4. Thanks! Yes, all the art on here is mine. 🙂

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