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On “Rotations” and Priorities

October 4, 2011

While this blog has sat silent for many, many months, I have still been continuing my Cataclysmic adventures in World of Warcraft. I have been raiding (very successfully!) with my guild <The Darkside> on Khadgar-US, and I am still able to consistently put out DPS that rivals many other classes in my guild. As we don’t have any other Druid Kitties in the guild (although we do have some wonderful Druid Bears) people often ask me how I do what I do, and why. I have finally decided after many years to put together a post including my “rotation”,  how it optimizes my DPS, and what each move does in the most simplistic terms.

I’m going to break it down into a few different parts: The Opener, The Combo Point Builders, and The Finishing Moves.

The Opener

Everyone knows that a pickup linecan really affect the impact you leave on someone. If it is cheesy, you won’t do well. (No one ever really falls for those, “Hey! Are your legs tired because you were running through my dreams all night!” crappola). You don’t want to obsess over it so much you can’t think about anything else, but you do want to put some thought into what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Your opening move as a Druid Kitty should be no different! Don’t just run in there and blurt out whatever first comes to mind. Let’s stop and think about it, and figure out the best way to head into the situation.

My preference is to FERAL CHARGE, if at all possible, to the boss. This will let us stand back, observe the situation, and like a lioness hunting in the wild, we can see the absolute best instant to strike, leaping in and landing safely behind the boss to start our smack down. This gives the Tank ample time to head in, pick up the boss, and properly position him while we remain at a safe distance, but the swiftness of our Feral Charge means that we won’t be the last to get to the DPSin’. When you’re ready, head on in there.

An extra bonus of being able to Feral Charge in to the boss, is that with the 2/2 Talent STAMPEDE you will be granted a free (as in no energy needed) non-stealthed RAVAGE. Ravage does a nice bunch of damage and is a great way to start off the fight.

Some bosses do not let you use a feral charge to get to them. If this is the case, then prowl on over to the boss, Ravage, and continue as below. If you can’t prowl for some reason or feral charge, you can always skip right to the action as described below.

The Combo Point Builders

These three different attack moves are going to take up the bulk of your time and attention: RAKE, SHRED, and MANGLE. You are already very familiar with these three by now I’m sure. Using each with grant you one, or, when you crit, two combo points thanks to the talent PRIMAL FURY. A brief review of each of these three will help us understand which order to use them in, how often, and why.

RAKE – DoT that does bleed damage over 15 seconds.
SHRED – burst damage and counts as bleed damage.
MANGLE – burst damage that increases bleed damage over 1 minute.

Since both Rake and Shred basically count as bleed damage, and Mangle increases bleed damage, it is common sense to use Mangle first. Mangle lasts for 1 minute, so you want to use it at least once every minute. Next, I use Rake, as it does damage over time it makes sense to get it ticking as soon as possible. Rake lasts for 15 seconds, and does a fair amount of damage, so you want to keep this up at all times. This leaves Shred. Shred does burst damage and a lot of it. Once Mangle and Rake are taken care of, you are going to use Shred to build up your combo points.

Sometimes you can’t get yourself properly positioned behind the boss to use your Shred ability. In this case, I use Mangle to build my combo points and hope I can get some butt kicking shredding (literally) in soon.

The Finishing Moves

Now that you know how to get combo points in the proper order, it is time to spend them. But like any purchase, you have a few options and have to weigh which you would like to get when.

RIP – DoT that does a lot of damage over time. Lasts 16 seconds no matter how many combo points used, but each added combo point increases the amount of damage done.
SAVAGE ROAR – Increases damage done. Each combo point extends the amount of time it lasts for. 3 CPs = 32 seconds. 4 CPs = 37 seconds. 5 CPs = 42 seconds.
FEROCIOUS BITE -Burst damage, where each additional combo point means more damage done. If the boss is under 25%, thanks to BLOOD IN THE WATER, not only will it do burst damage, but it will also refresh your Rip.
MAIM – This will stun a target temporarily, but since this takes combo points it is less useful than SKULL BASH. You will only use this finishing move on very select few fights (like on Ragnaros’s add phases), or in PvP.

Rip is going to be your priority here. It does the majority of your DPS. As it lasts for (at least) 16 seconds (Glyph of Shred will net you an extra 2 seconds, to a maximum total of 6 seconds each time) you want to always be watching this debuff on your target. It is not the end of the world if it drops off, and in certain fights it certainly will, but this is your priority to keep up. Once you safely have Rip up, you can spend your next combo points on Savage Roar. Using a full 5 combo points will grant you the longest amount of time with Savage Roar up, but if you are still getting the hang of playing Druid Kitty, you can safely go with anywhere from 3 to 5 combo points. You should be able to get back around to refreshing Savage Roar once again within 32 seconds. Ferocious Bite will not come into play unless a few other conditions are met: you have just Berserked and have extra energy to burn, someone has just used Heroism/Blood Lust and you have increased speed, OR the boss is below 25% health. To review, your priority is Rip, followed by Savage Roar, and then Ferocious Bite in some instances, ignoring Maim unless necessary for stunning.

The “Rotation”

Now that we understand (hopefully) the priorities, it is time to put the whole shebang together into something resembling a rotation. Ask anyone who has been a Druid Kitty long enough, and we all will laugh at the notion of a simple rotation. This is no A B B A A B B A; there is no rinse and repeat to playing Feral DPS. While this is what I recommend you do, this is based on a best case scenario, built off of my spec and my experiences (and a little number crunching and research). If you are a beginner, this is what you can strive for, but even an expert would be lucky to be in a fight where they can continuously just follow this “rotation” while DPSing. You need to stay on your paws and judge your situation wisely. Not every boss fight works the same way, and you will definitely have to improvise at some point along your way. The more you play, the stronger your skills (and claws!) will become.


Step 1: MANGLE, then RAKE, then SHRED. if you have 5 Combo Points RIP, if you don’t then SHRED until 5 Combo Points then RIP.

Step 2: RAKE if needed, MANGLE if needed, and SHRED to 5 Combo Points (3 or 4 CPs may be acceptable dependant on fight) then SAVAGE ROAR.

Step 3: RAKE if needed, MANGLE if needed, and SHRED to 5 Combo Points then RIP.

Alternate steps 2 and 3 until the boss is AT OR BELOW 25%, then:

Step 4: RAKE if needed, MANGLE if needed, and SHRED to 5 Combo Points then FEROCIOUS BITE (which also refreshes RIP).

Alternate steps 2 and 4 until the boss is DEAD!

Extra Extra!

You have more than just these few moves, young Kitty, and you will want to use them.

Feral Faerie Fire – Is a nice little debuff that lasts for 5 minutes. I throw this in somewhere in the beginning of the fight, usually before my first RIP.

Berserk – as stated above, makes you have ample energy by reducing the cost of all your moves – think of it as a half off sale with a very limited time frame! You want to time this with any burn phase needed and/or with your raid’s popping of Heroism/Blood Lust and/or with using a potion. I usually pop Berserk at the very top of the fight since I often have more than 3 minutes until any of the aforementioned situations occurs. This also will make any meter watchers OOOH and AAAH at your DPS for the time being.

Tiger’s Fury – You don’t need to be a technicolor troll to take advantage of this one, and you will be taking advantage of it every 30 seconds. It lasts for 6 seconds, and increases physical damage done. With the talent Primal Madness 2/2 it will also temporarily increase your current and maximum energy by 20, and more importantly with the talent King of the Jungle 3/3 it will restore 60 energy. So you ideally want to use this at below 60 energy, and then again in 30 seconds when you have less than 60 energy again. I don’t look for the exact amount of energy I have when I use it, I just use it when I am low-ish.

Trinkets – depending on what you have, you will want to figure out best when to work using these. I often overlap their use with that of Heroism and a potion and Berserking just so I can go totally crazy for a few seconds there.

Survival Instincts and Barkskin – You should NOT have to rely on these during any fight. You should hopefully have superb healers and should also know your position and have the raid awareness to keep yourself alive. But on some fights, such as Baleroc, where you are purposefully or unavoidably taking more damage than normal, you will want to use these to help mitigate the damage you take. These are also helpful on any progression fight, or really any fight, so long as you don’t have to rely on them for success. These are not an excuse for standing in fire.

Swipe – Ah, my beloved. When people ask how to Druid Kitty, I often just joke that I Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, and repeat. Swipe is still one of my favorite additions to the game, having remembered a time before its existence and written a great deal on it in the past. During raids, it is really only for AoEing down trash or adds. You don’t really get to use it much on bosses, which is awfully fair if you think about it: otherwise, we would be #1 for ever.

Well, I hope this little guide has helped you! If I have missed something, or you have other input, please leave me a comment below.

Thanks again, and as always, happy raiding! ❤


Site Updates and Kills

January 20, 2010

As you can see, I did a bit of work on the site – most notably the new banner on the top of the site. I figured it was about time for a new one, what with our lovely kitty forms having 4 toes and all now. (If you’ve forgotten, this is what the old banner looked like.) I also added to and tweaked the content that you see to the right of the site; one of the new additions being that you can subscribe to the site and receive an email update when I write a new post here on Druid Kitty. I’m also working on updating my blogroll – if you have a WoW blog/site/comic/etc, whether it be Druid or not, let me know and I will link to you. All I ask is a link back to my site here. 🙂

So that is what I’ve been up to, sitewise. How about my in-game happenings? I’ve really been enjoying the LFG tool, and have been working my way towards the Perky Pug (as of right now, I’m 57/100). I’ve also gotten to see a bit of the new ICC raid content. The screenshot above was taken right after my super awesome guild <Concedo Nulli> got their first kill of Marrowgar in ICC25. I’m not raiding on a consistent basis right now, but I have been lucky enough to get in on some 25s and a few 10s with my guild.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I know this isn’t much of a post, but I swear I’m working on stuff for you! Check back soon to see, or of course, you can just subscribe to the site now with the button on the right!


Kitty Raiding: Major Glyphs Updated

May 20, 2009


Patch 3.1 brought a plethora of new things to the game, including several Feral Druid Glyph additions and changes. With the new options available to us, the choice of which glyphs are right for you can be a bit harder than before. Since Patch 3.1 also brought us the long awaited addition of Dual-Specs to World of Warcraft, there is no longer a need to put Cat and Bear Glyphs into the same Feral Druid build.

Just as I plan to do, I’m sure that many kitties are talenting bear as their secondary specs, so I have decided to ask an expert for his input on the matter of Feral Druid Glyphs for Bears. Expert Main Tank, fellow Blogger, WoW Twitterati member, and my very own Guild Leader, Kreeoni has graciously teamed up with me for this post, ensuring that we bring you the best knowledge and know-how that there is on the Feral Druid Glyphs out there for the picking.

Onto the Major Glyphs now, shall we?

  • Glyph of Berserk – “Increases the duration of Berserk by 5 seconds.” (Level 60) Cat & Bear.

Added in Patch 3.1. Increases the duration of Berserk from 15 seconds to 20 seconds total.

Kathoid: While this glyph is certainly more for cats than it is for bears, it is still not one that I include in my glyph selections. An extra 5 seconds of Berserk every 3 minutes is not enough extra DPS to make me select this glyph over another.

Kreeoni: This is of course more of a cat glyph, but it has its uses in bear form as well since we also use Berserk. If you are finding that threat is your biggest problem, this glyph may help you solve that issue. I wouldn’t really suggest using it otherwise though.

  • Glyph of Growl – “Increases the chance for your growl ability to work successfully by 8%”. (Level 15) Bear.

While this glyph wasn’t altered at all in Patch 3.1, since my last post on Feral Druid major glyphs there has been a change to Growl itself. Growl previously was considered a spell, requiring 17% hit in order to never miss. Growl is now considered a physical attack, requiring only 8% hit to never miss, so this glyph ensures that you will never miss a growl even with no hit rating.

Kreeoni: You should definitely have this. It makes it so that your growl will never miss regardless of your current stats. A poorly timed miss on a growl could spell a wipe. Making sure you never miss is important. I think the reason that this glyph isn’t one of the most popular is the fact that people have a lot of hit rating now and getting 8% hit isn’t hard. But it never hurts to make sure you are fully prepared in case you get a dumb debuff or broken armor (in which case you have other issues).

No changes in Patch 3.1. Solid tanking glyph.

Kreeoni: This one is pretty good. It increases healing effects on you when Frenzied Regeneration is active. Since Frenzied Regeneration is one of your “oh crap” buttons this can really help you stay alive just that much longer.

  • Glyph of Mangle – “Increases the duration of Mangle by 6 seconds.” (Level 50) Cat & Bear.

No change in Patch 3.1. Increases the duration of Mangle from 12 seconds to 18 seconds total.

Kathoid: Mangle is a cat’s best friend. It does damage and it increases damage by 30% from bleed effects for its duration. I love this glyph and highly recommend it in most situations. I personally do not use this glyph, because I seldom use Mangle as Kreeoni is my guild’s main tank and he is using Mangle constantly. Mangle (Cat) and Mangle (Bear) do not stack with each other but override each other, so there is no need to be spending my energy on Mangle. If your guild frequently uses a Bear for a MT, a better glyph may be better suited for you. Also, if your guild has two Feral DPS Druids, you may want to have one kitty get this glyph and be in charge of Mangling, and have the other select a different glyph instead.

Kreeoni: I personally think this glyph is pointless for bears. It increases the length that your mangle is up on the target. Having the Mangle debuff up on the target all the time is very important for bear tanking as well as cat dps, but as a bear you should be hitting mangle every time it is off of cooldown, especially if you didn’t spec into Improved Mangle. The only time this would be useful is if you were in a fight where you weren’t able to use your mangle before the debuff wore off frequently, or if you are finding that you are missing often and so therefore the debuff isn’t refreshing itself most of the time.

  • Glyph of Maul – “Your Maul ability now hits 1 additional target.” (Level 15) Bear.

No change in Patch 3.1. Helps build threat when tanking groups.

Kreeoni: This is still the most popular choice for most bears, however it may not be as useful as before. It hits an extra target which is great news for people who multi-tank often. However, Ulduar has a reportedly lower amount of AoE trash so your multi-tanking opportunities are a little bit less. I personally have kept with this one for now because I still find myself tanking multiple mobs a decent amount of time. It also helps you better use your rage when offtanking. If you are going to spend that rage you might as well have it hit multiple targets. CC could be a consideration as it will break CC but common sense is a better solution to that problem.

  • Glyph of Rake – “Your Rake ability prevents targets from fleeing.” (Level 24) Cat.

No change in Patch 3.1. Leveling glyph.

Kathoid: This is purely a leveling glyph and I would not recommend it to any Feral Druid at level 80, whether or not you plan on raiding. While Rake is a very important attack maneuver, the ability to stun a target has no use at all to a level 80, for several reasons. Feral Swiftness will let you run faster to catch up if ever a mob runs from you. Infected Wounds will also slow the target, if you choose to spend your talent points there. And even if the mob does get far enough away from you, you have Feral Charge (Cat) to catch up to them in a split-second. This glyph also has no effect on PvP targets. Fleeing mobs have no chance against a Feral Cat Druid, even without this glyph.

  • Glyph of Rip – “Increases the duration of your Rip ability by 4 seconds.” (Level 20) Cat.

No change in Patch 3.1. Increases the duration of Rip from 12 seconds to 16 seconds total. Stacks with T7 2 set bonus, to a total of 20 seconds.

Kathoid: This is a must have glyph if you are raiding. Rip is the finishing move you should be using, so long as you have Savage Roar active. The extra time added by this glyph gives you plenty of time to work through your rotations and not have to worry if you will have enough energy to re-up Rip once it is time to do so. If you have this glyph, Glyph of Shred, and the T7 2 set bonus, then you have a little more time to work a small Ferocious Bite into your rotation, depending on the situation. The other reason I love this glyph is in fights such as Malygos where the boss in temporarily unable to be melee hit, a properly timed Rip will last throughout the entire time the boss is out of reach.

  • Glyph of Savage Roar – “Your Savage Roar ability grants an additional 3% bonus damage done.” (Level 75) Cat.

Added in Patch 3.1. Increases Savage Roar’s bonus damage from 30% to a total of 33%.

Kathoid: This is also a must have for any Feral Cat Druids. As Savage Roar should constantly be up when on a boss fight, this will give you 3% more damage done overall. It is a no brainer to have this glyph if you are a Cat Druid.

  • Glyph of Shred – “Each time you Shred, the duration of your Rip on the target is extended 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 6 seconds.” (Level 22) Cat.

Changed in Patch 3.1. Previously, this glyph increased damage against stunned or incapacitated targets by 20%.

Kathoid: Previous to Patch 3.1, this glyph was very lackluster, so this change was a very welcome one. Because Shred is the main combo point builders, and Rip is what you should be using your combo points on, this change to have Shred affect Rip made a lot of sense. With the Glyph of Rip and the T7 2 set bonus bringing the duration of Rip up to 20 seconds, this glyph gives the potential for a full 26 seconds of Rip.

  • Glyph of Survival Instincts – “Your Survival Instincts ability grants an additional 15% of your maximum health.” (Level 20) Cat & Bear.

Added in Patch 3.1. Increases Survival Instincts to grant you a total of 45% of your maximum health for 20 seconds.

Kathoid: While Survival Instincts is usable in Cat Form, this is not a glyph for kitties. We should never be taking so much damage that this would be useful.

Kreeoni: This gives you extra health on your large emergency button. Since they decreased the cooldown on Survival Instincts to 3 minutes this glyph is really nice. A better working emergency button helps you just that much more through enrages or other events of that nature. There have been none up on our server yet so I haven’t been able to get this one but it’s definitely the glyph I will be using soon.

Kathoid’s Major Glyphs for Cats: Glyph of Rip, Glyph of Savage Roar, Glyph of Shred.

Kreeoni’s Major Glyphs for Bears: Glyph of Growl, Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration, Glyph of Maul.

We hope this guide to Feral Druid major glyphs has been helpful to you in your own selection of choosing which glyphs are best for your own needs.

If you would like to read more from Kreeoni, you can check out his blog here.


Patch 3.1 is here!

April 19, 2009


Highly anticipated Patch 3.1 finally hit us this week, bringing with it Ulduar, Dual-Specs, the Argent Tournament, and much server crashing and downtime. I haven’t dabbled into Dual-Specs yet, and I am just begining the Argent Tournament quests, but I have set foot into Ulduar despite all the Server and Instance downtime and seen a couple of the bosses – which I will elaborate more on soon in another post.

3.1 also brought a lot of Druid changes our way, and I’d like to go over specifically the Feral DPS changes, and how I think they will affect us. But first, let me highlight the changes to refresh our memory.

3.1 Patch Notes Feral DPS Druid Digest

Class Changes – Druid

  • Faerie Fire and Faerie Fire (Feral): Now decreases armor of your target by 5%. Has a 5-minute duration, and a 40-second PvP duration.
  • Maim: This ability is now considered a stun, and shares a diminish category with all other stuns. It no longer has a chance to break from the target taking damage. Duration lowered to 1 second per combo point.
  • Pounce: No longer affected by diminishing returns with other stuns, however, it now shares a diminishing return with Cheap Shot (Rogue).
  • New Talent: Primal Gore: Grants the periodic damage from your Lacerate and Rip abilities the chance to critically hit.
  • Primal Tenacity: The damage reduction while stunned effect now only works in Cat Form.
  • Rend and Tear: The critical strike bonus for Ferocious Bite reduced to 5/10/15/20/25%, down from 10/20/30/40/50%.
  • Savage Roar is now considered an Enrage effect and now increases physical damage done by 30% instead of increasing attack power.
  • (Resto) Improved Mark of the Wild: Now also increases all of your total attributes by 1/2%.


  • Glyph of Berserk: Increases the duration of Berserk by 5 seconds.
  • Glyph of Savage Roar: Your Savage Roar ability grants an additional 3% bonus damage done.
  • Glyph of Shred: Now increases remaining duration on Rip by 2 seconds each time it is used, up to a maximum of 6 seconds.
  • Glyph of Survival Instincts: Increases the percentage of your maximum health received from Survival Instincts to 40%.

Bug Fixes

  • Swipe: Now properly affected by area-of-effect damage caps.

My thoughts?:

The changes to Fairie Fire are minor, and all it really breaks down to is saving you a GCD by having it last 5 minutes now. The change to 5% armor is just so it scales better – it shouldn’t make much of a difference at all.

Maim, Pounce, and Primal Tenacity changes aren’t that important to a Raiding Kitty, but will be much more important to a PvP Kitty. I don’t spec any points into Primal Tenacity, so no change here for me.

Our newly added talent Primal Gore makes me a happy Kitty, and should make Bears happy as welll. In cat form, it gives each tick of Rip the chance to crit, and now that Rip can last upwards of 26 seconds (with T7 2-set, Glyph of Shred, and Glyph of Rip) this can add up to quite a bit more damage over time. The chance to crit is based off your own Crit Chance, not some seperate number, so with my Crit Chance at 47.13% unbuffed, I can expect to see a nice bit of extra damage compared to pre-3.1 numbers. As for Bears, it gives each tick of Lacerate the chance to crit, which will add up to more threat.

The change to Rend and Tear only applies to Ferocious Bite, which I very seldom use in my Raiding rotations. I’m not sure if it is used more in PvP or not, but I don’t see this change so much as a nerf as it is just balancing out the classes.

Savage Roar has been changed from an extra 40% Attack Power to an extra 30% Damage Done (33% with Glyph of Savage Roar). I’m really not good with numbers, and am not even sure how to do math to see what the change would be here. Reading a bit on forums and the like seem to work it out to be a buff rather than a nerf, but how much of a buff I am not sure yet. I really haven’t spent too much time in Ulduar or any raid since 3.1, so I’m not sure how much more DPS I am doing post-patch. If anyone has any more mathematical insight into the SR change, please let me know and I will update as needed.

While Improved Mark of the Wild is not a Feral Talent, I am recommending that all Druids, whether Feral, Boomkin, or Resto, put two points into this talent. Some Ferals, myself included, have had points into IMotW for quite sometime due to the lack of other Druids in Raids in order to provide the best possible Raid buff. This talent now goes beyond the buffs and now gives 1/2% to all attributes. It may not seem like a lot, but being a baseline Talent, it is definetly worth putting points into.

The Swipe change is one I have been expecting for a while. Seeing as it is a “Bug Fix” I can see that Blizz never intended for any of us to be doing 21K DPS or the like. Don’t look at this as a nerf, look at this as just a bug fix. We weren’t supposed to be getting such insanely high DPS, however limited the time is, and they are just restoring the balance. I don’t know what the actually AoE damage cap is, but I can still do quite a bit of DPS while swiping. Don’t think it Swipe is going to suck now; it doesn’t.

Onto the Glyphs!:

  • Glyph of Berserk and Glyph of Survival Instincts aren’t impressing me that much. I am guessing that these two new Glyphs are made for our Bear friends. (Any Bears wanna confirm this?) I haven’t paid for my Dual-Spec yet and haven’t really looked into what Glyphs I will want for Bear Tanking, but I will consider these when I begin to look.
  • The change to Glyph of Shred makes me very happy. Previously this would “Increases the damage dealt by Shred to stunned and incapacitated targets by 20%.”. For raiding, this really didn’t do much for me, but as one of the few Cat specific Glyphs, I had it. However, now it is a must have for a raiding Kitty. I will get into my “Cat Rotation” in a future post, but the main goal is to keep both Savage Roar and Rip up at all times. With the T7 2 set bonus and the already existing Glyph of Rip, Rip will last 20 seconds. If you Shred three times during that 20 seconds, the Rip will last a total of 26 seconds. Very nice indeed.
  • The newly added Glyph of Savage Roar also is a must have for all Raiding Kitties. It gives us an extra 3% damage done when Savage Roar is up, to a total of 33%. As I said, one of the goals of a Cat Rotation is to keep Savage Roar up constantly, so an extra 3% damage done overall is nothing to laugh at.

I plan to update my previous Glyph posts soon to reflect these changes and additions.

I hope everyone else is enjoying Patch 3.1 as much as I have been. I love the Argent Tournament quests, the new Fishing Dailies, and am really looking forward to seeing all that Ulduar has to offer!

Don’t forget that The Feast of Noblegarden is fast approaching us now! It begins on Sunday, April 26th and runs for a full week until Saturday, May 2nd! I will, of course, have guides up for all the newly added achievements once the event starts!


Kitty Swipe: An Updated Review

April 14, 2009

Now that it has been many months since “Swipe (Cat)” has been added, I would like to take some time to talk about it again.

Yes, I still think that Swipe is a little OP – in the numbers. However, Swipe is still in no way sustained DPS and there is no way to make it sustained DPS, therefor it is really not all that over powered at all. I like to think of it as a fun thing to play around with, not something that is going to make me the best DPS overall for the raid.

When I say “fun”, this is what I mean:


No, I did not photoshop my Recount meter. Yes, that is 21,380 damage per second. I wish I could say that this is from a Level 80 instance, but this is from Ahn’Qiraj: the “gauntlet” you have to run down that has dozens of little bugs in it. We pulled the whole hallway and AoE-ed them down at the end. I just had to bash Swipe a few times to get them all down, but there were so many of them that it added up to a whole lot of damage. (For reference, the druid below me on the chart is a Boomkin, also AoEing.)

I don’t think Blizzard ever intended for any class to do 21K damage per second; hence this small, unnoticed “Bug Fix” from the patch 3.1 notes: “Swipe: Now properly affected by area-of-effect damage caps.” I don’t know the specifics on what this will cap the Swipe DPS at, but I am pretty sure that we won’t be seeing any 21K DPS for a while.

Even though this “Bug Fix” seems like a nerf, I am hopeful that this small change will help fix my biggest problem with Swipe: Dying. Because “Swipe (Cat)” does so much damage, it also pulls a ton aggro, which results in me dying. A lot.

I finally got down to doing my own testing with the Idol of Perspicacious Attacks to see if it would effect Swipe (Cat) at all. While I’m not the best at running scientific experiments, my results seem to show that in Cat form the Idol doesn’t have much affect, if any at all. In Bear form it does noticeably, albeit slightly, increase DPS. In my testing though, I did notice that the thing that increases damage most with “Swipe (Cat)” is when Omen of Clarity procs. So if you haven’t included Omen of Clarity in your Feral Build and you want to maximize your Swipe damage, you might want to include it when you get your free respec tomorrow when Patch 3.1 hits.


Looking For Guild

April 1, 2009

UPDATE: I have found my new guild: “No Vacancy” on the Drenden-PvE US Server!

Alliance Night Elf Feral DPS Druid “Kathoid” seeks an established, serious, professional, highly ranked Raiding Guild for an immediate raiding position.

My Armory

According to WoW Heroes, for Dalvengyr-US, ranked by gear score :

  • #1 Alliance Feral Druid
  • #2 Feral Druid Overall
  • #3 Druid Overall
  • #23 Character on Dalvengyr Overall

I do approx 3.5K DPS in raids, but it fluctuates depending on the boss. I also tend to be a little bit lower if I am Raid Leading. I have raided all current WotLK content on Normal and Heroic Modes, and Hard Mode Sarth 1D and 2D. I have lead raids in Naxx 10, and have been Loot Master on many occasions in all raids. I have also raided much of the Old World and BC raids. I am on the PTR but I have not raided Ulduar, but am more than willing to.

I have Off Tanked in Naxx 10 and in some instances. While I plan to make tanking my other spec when Dual-Specs arrive, I have absolutely no intentions of tanking in raids, so please do not ask me to join your guild to be a tank. I tank in a pinch, and like to keep it that way.

Ideally I would like to join a guild that has room for advancement. I have been a Guild Master of a small leveling guild and an Officer in every guild I have raided with and I feel confident in my abilities to be a honest and fair Officer. I have also created and maintained several guild websites.

I would prefer a guild that has other female Raiders and has a more mature age range (20s+). I am respectful to all other guild members and expect the same of them. I would prefer a guild that uses Loot Council to one that uses DKP or similar points system for loot. Yes, I am a female gamer – and if you have a problem with that I do not want to join your guild.

I work until 8pm EST three nights a week, so raid times must be approximately 8:30 PM EST. I don’t mind raiding several nights a week, but do not want to raid more than 5 nights a week. 3 nights is ideal, but I understand that it is to be more likely to raid 4-5 nights once Ulduar is released.

Please note that I am on a US Realm. I am also currently on a PvP realm, and prefer staying on a PvP realm, but would also be interested in moving to a PvE realm if the right opportunity came up. I do not care what time zone the Realm is in, so long as I can meet your raid times.

If you are interested in me, or know a guild that is looking for a Feral DPS Druid, please send me an email at: druidkitty AT gmail DOT com.


PTR Patch 3.1 – Feral Glyph Changes

March 2, 2009

Well, as they say it does, March has certainly come “in like a Lion“. My hopes for an early Spring were some what squashed today as Old Man Winter decided to dump another pile of his crappy white crap all over the North East yet again, causing much mayhem in its wake. While we in Upstate NY weren’t hit quite as hard as a lot of other parts of the country, the snow was enough to make the roads horrible locally, and so I stayed home from work to spend way too much time staring at the TV and grinding mostly-pointless WoW Reputations, like Wintersaber Trainers and Timbermaw hold.

I did, however, decide to make something productive out of my day, and so here I am with newly formed thoughts on these ever changing PTR Patch 3.1 notes. As it seems that some of the overall class changes and abilities haven’t made their way to the PTR quite yet, I am sure there more changes in store for us that just haven’t been announced yet. And so with that thought, I have decided to first go over all the Glyph changes and put in my two cents on the changes.

Glyph Changes

  • Glyph of Shred

New: Each time you Shred, the duration of your Rip on the target is extended by 2 seconds, to a maximum of 6 seconds.
Old: Increases the damage dealt by Shred to stunned and incapacitated targets by 20%.

This is a very welcome change. This Glyph was really only useful for soloing previously. Anything that increases damage or duration of Rip will make a big change for overall damage done while raiding. And I haven’t tested this out yet, but I am sure that this will stack both with the Tier 7/7.5 set bonus and the Glyph of Rip bonuses to Rip, as those two stack with each other.

New Glyphs

  • Glyph of Berserk

Increases the duration of Berserk by 5 seconds.

This will up the durations to a total of 20 seconds. Nice glyph, but I think that there are other glyphs I would rather have for a Kitty DPS build. I’m not sure if it is one I would include in a Tanking build. I will have to play around with it to see.

  • Glyph of Savage Roar

Your Savage Roar ability grants an additional 6% bonus damage done.

With the overall change to Savage Roar, changing its effect to an extra 30% Physical Damage from and increases 40% Attack Power, I am not sure exactly how much this will buff Savage Roar compared to how it is now, but this is definitely a glyph I want to have in my Kitty DPS build.

  • Glyph of Barkskin

Reduces the chance you’ll be critically hit by melee attacks by 1 to 0% while Barkskin is active.

Barkskin isn’t something I think about much as far as Cat form, but I found it very useful last night while I temporarily respeced Bear to OT for Naxx 10. Using Barkskin in Bear form is still very new to me, as when used in BC it would shapeshift you out of form. Now it can be used while tanking to lessen damage taken while tanking by 20% for 12 seconds, every 60 seconds. If you are defense capped already, this will make no difference to you, but if you are still working on your tanking gear and are a few points under, this Glyph will help you stay alive just a little bit longer. Eek! Sorry to all Bears! I am so used to Bear Tanking in BC still that I forgot that “defense cap” doesn’t apply to Bears anymore. So this Glyph is really not for us ferals. ><

I will need to look for these new glyphs on the Auction House on the PTR to see if these are Major or Minor glyphs. I am thinking they are all Major, with a chance that the Barkskin may be a Minor. I will update once I figure it out!

– – – – –

Please see my Patch 3.1 Post here to see what all the changes were once the patch went live.