My collection of companion pets, and where to find them.

With the new achievement “Shop Smart, Shop Pet… Smart“, I have been going crazy getting as many non-combat pets as I can manage. I just have to have “Stinker”, a little skunk. So, I found this website which lets me keep a profile and an updated list of all the companion pets in game. You can find my profile here. I won’t be deleting my hard work off this page anytime soon, though.


Siamese – She was rescued from the pirates in the Deadmines.

Bombay – He was adopted from the <Crazy Cat Lady> in Elwynn Forest.


Tiny Crimson Whelpling – I farmed in Wetlands for several hours to finally be able to obtain one of these little Whelpys.

Netherwhelp – This little Whelpy came from the Collector’s Edition of The Burning Crusade.


Green Wing Macaw – Another rescue from the pirates of the Deadmines.

Miniwing – A reward from a group quest in Terokkar Forest.


Smolderweb Hatchling – He is a quest reward from Blackrock Spire.

Seasonal Pets

Clockwork Rocket Bot – He was a present to me from Father Winter! I can’t wait to see what he brings this year!

Wolpertinger – This little buddy of mine came from Brewfest, hic!

Spirit of Summer – She comes to me from the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Spirit of Competition – This beautiful companion is in honor of the Summer Games!

Peanut – I helped out the children in Shattrath for Children’s Week, and one of them gave me him to take along with me.

Speedy – The children of Stormwind gave me this little guy as a reward from Children’s Week.

Reputation Pets

Tiny Sporebat – An “Exalted” Reputation reward from Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh.

Nether Ray Fry – An “Exalted” Reputation reward from Shat’ari Skyguard in Terokkar Forest.

Other Pets

Steamtonk – Ok, this isn’t quite a pet, but just as fun as one!


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